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Ask the Readers: Are you Self-Confident?

Tweet Our success and happiness depends very much on how we view ourselves. You could be the President of Universe, and still be miserable if you think you aren’t good enough. That’s why you often hear stories of super models and famous Hollywood actresses whom the world worships for their beauty, and yet they suffer […]

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77 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Journal + Free Guide with 101 Journaling Prompts

Tweet Do you keep a journal? Have you ever wanted to? Maybe you do keep one, but it doesn’t really have a purpose. With this post, I aim to show you a wide range of things that you could use your journal for. But before we get into that, I want to make something clear. […]

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Ask the Readers: Are you a Coffee Person or a Tea Person?

Tweet Today’s question is for two reasons. One, because I would love to get to know you, my readers, and what better question than to start with what would you like to drink? Nope. No beer! Second reason, as always goes back to journaling, which I am going to explain at the end. I love, […]

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Hand-written Journaling versus E-Journaling

Tweet  NOTE: All images in this post are from my personal journals. I’d always intended to do this post, because this is the question that always comes up when I talk about journaling. It’s the same sort of debate as e-books versus paper books. A comment from a reader on the previous post bumped this […]

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Why You Should Always Use Quality Journals

Tweet Journaling is more than just putting words on paper. It is more than a jumble of notes. It’s a record of your life. It’s progress of your dreams. It’s a journey of self-awareness and growth. It is a medium through which you understand otherwise incomprehensible patterns and emotions. So a cheap notebook, with crappy […]

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