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Ask the Readers: Do You Set Goals?

Tweet Goals are not just for New Year’s resolution. Some people swear by them, others don’t know what to do with them. Just because you have goals, does not necessarily mean you are taking steps towards achieving them.  Do you have a method for setting goals? We have all heard of SMART goals, and it’s […]

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Win A Free Course – Kaizen Journaling Academy

Tweet Kaizen Journaling Academy (KJA) is now open for registration. Check out the new page in the menu tab above. From now on, you will find details of all current and upcoming courses on the Academy page. To celebrate the launch of KJA, I’m going to have three draws in which you can win a […]

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Kaizen Journaling Academy …….. Coming Soon

Tweet Kaizen Journaling is taking one big step forward in its mission to promote the value of journaling as a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.      What is Kaizen Journaling Academy (KJA) Kaizen Journaling Academy will offer a variety of e-courses on ongoing basis. Courses that take you closer to creating a […]

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16 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Journaling

Tweet As I’m nearing the end of my 28th personal journal, I was thinking about how much of my life is in these journals, and how they have contributed to my growth. It’s a symbiotic relationship where life feeds journal, and journal feeds life. Here, I will share with you 16 lessons I’ve learned throughout the […]

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My Life in Books

Tweet For those of you who are not following Kaizen Journaling on Facebook (you really should, for cool extra stuff that doesn’t make it to the blog), I recently posted several photos of my journals.  But one of them, is about this entry: My Life in Books. It’s a TV show on BBC 2, presented […]

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Ask the Readers: Do You Feel Guilty When You Don’t Journal?

Tweet When you start taking things seriously, or when you make them into a goal, the guilt for skipping often seeps in. Journaling is no exception. A lot of people decide to journal, and when they don’t do it for a while, they feel bad. They tell themselves, “I should journal” or “I wish I […]

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