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Journaling in Public: How to Protect Your Privacy

Tweet I am writing this post in my notebook at the breakfast table, in a busy restaurant of our hotel in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. It came about from the conversation I just had with my husband about journaling in public. He doesn’t do it, because he feels uncomfortable and concerned that other people […]

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Ask the Readers: Do You Keep A Travel Journal?

Tweet As I am currently on vacation (in theory) and scribbling in my travel journal, I wondered where all of you Kaizen Warriors stand on travel journaling. Travel journal is different from a regular journal. Usually, when you travel, you are immersed in new experiences. Whether it’s first time in a new place, different language, […]

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Do You Aspire To Mediocrity?

Tweet  One of the most common, and in my opinion, a major failing in our society is a tendency to measure everyone by the same standards. School measure kids against standard results. Companies measure employee against standard processes and standard performance. Even some parents measure their children against the society standards for good behaviour and […]

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Ending A Journal

Tweet  Ending a journal is practically a ritual for me. For the most part, I like to reflect on the journey I’ve been on during the course of that journal.A part of my life resides between the pages of each journal, a part of my soul even. Not all pages are full of insight or […]

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Are You Honest In Your Journal?

Tweet Journals are private. Everyone knows – even if they put conscience aside – that no one should read someone else’s private journal without permission. We have this social courtesy embedded in us because we believe that a private journal includes someone’s innermost thoughts. The question is, how much of a person’s true self is […]

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