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Volunteering Abroad: A Life Altering Decision

Tweet     In October 2012, my husband and I made what will quite possibly be a life altering decision. We decided to volunteer abroad. There were a whole host of reasons behind it, but one of them was that it was something we both wanted to do. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum […]

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The Art of Letter Writing

Tweet    Letter writing is referred to as a “lost art” these days. I wouldn’t say it’s “lost” but it’s certainly in the danger of being so. Hand-written letters used to be a main form of communication, because there was no other way. Then the telegram came, and telephone and faxes, and Internet. The world […]

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Ask the Readers: Who Are You?

Tweet   The value of identity of  course is that so often with it comes purpose. – Richard Grant   Do you know who you are? Do you struggle sometimes, feeling at a loss, and ask yourself, “Who Am I?”  If you do, what is your biggest struggle or obstacle in finding yourself?    ACTION […]

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Keeping A Writer’s Journal

Tweet  A writer’s journal can be an essential tool for any writer, at any stage, writing in any genre. The Journal Depending on your lifestyle, it could either be a notebook, a binder, or a computer. Make it something that you can always keep with you. I personally use a moleskine most of the time […]

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What Should I Write in My Journal

Tweet  What should I write in my journal?   Generally, it’s a question asked by those who are new at journaling. But even regular journal keepers want to know what ELSE they can write in their journals.  In this article, I’m going to mention just some of the things you could write in your journal. Possibilities […]

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Does Your Practical Life Take Over Your Creative Life?

Tweet  Majority of us are forced to deal with practical matters of life – a day job, which has no room for creativity, family to look after, home to care for, errands to run, relationships and friendships to maintain. You may have even more issues that seem to fill your days, and sometimes you barely […]

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What I read in 2012 & KJ Book Awards

Tweet  I reached the end of 2012 with a total of 53 books finished, and 1 book abandoned (because it was crap) Fiction = 28 Non-Fiction = 25 That’s almost 50-50 which I am pleased about.    DIVISION BY GENRES: FICTION Children’s = 1 Crime = 6 Fantasy = 13 Inspirational = 1 Mainstream = […]

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Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!

Tweet It’s only a little over an hour away from midnight, and from the New Year. I am in London at the moment, spending New Year’s Eve in the hotel room. I can see the London Eye from the window, and at midnight, will have a view of fireworks from the warm, comfort of the […]

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