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48 Ways to Take More Initiative at Work and in Life

Tweet    Many people are passive dreamers. They want things – a better job, a relationship, spiritual enlightenment, a new car – but they wait for these things to come to them. They believe that if they just stay still in one place for long enough, work hard or just complain a lot, some day […]

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Are You Following the Right Goals?

Tweet    It’s mid-February, and 2013 is well under way. If you haven’t already done a review of your goals, then now is the time. Regular reviews are an essential part of an effective goal-setting and goal-achieving process. Setting the right goals is important, but it’s of no us if you don’t implement them. Implementing […]

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What is the Difference between A Diary, A Journal & A Kaizen Journal

Tweet  When I mention “journaling” to some of the people in my non-online life, they often don’t know what it is. There seems to be a lot less awareness of the concept of journaling in the UK than in the US. When I attempt to explain, one of the most frequent responses is, “Oh, so […]

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5 Reasons Why You Must Read

Tweet    I love books. I don’t remember ever disliking reading, but I fell in love with it when I was eight. I’d an accident. I fractured my left leg, and after that I’d typhoid. Or maybe typhoid was before the accident – not sure which came first, but all in all, I’d about three […]

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How To Decide Where To Volunteer Abroad

Tweet   In October 2012, my husband and I made a decision that we want to go volunteer abroad in a few months’ time. The decision came suddenly, but the root was there before, in both our minds though we hadn’t really spoken about it. We love travelling, and we also have a deep desire […]

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