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Ask the Reader: Do You Like Writing With Fountain Pens?

Tweet I love writing with fountain pens. The two favourite fountain pens I have are a Parker Frontier that my husband gave me as a present, and a Waterman pen that was a present from fellow colleagues when I worked at a Library during college. Both are good quality, solid pens. The ink just flows […]

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Journaling to Achieve Your Bucket List

Tweet Yvonne Root of Journal in a Box asked in response to my 40 Things to do Before 40 post, how would journaling aid me in that quest.  The simple answer is that journaling helps me with everything. But that isn’t going to help you in understanding how you can use journaling to achieve your […]

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Journaling Exercise: The Stop Doing List

Tweet  For a lot of people, the main reason why they don’t have enough time or money or resources to do what they want is because they spend all the time, money, and resources doing things they don’t want to do.  Please don’t give me excuses about  your responsibilities. For most people, it’s about the […]

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Journaling Exercise: Poet for the Day

Tweet    When was the last time you read a poem? If you can’t recall, or if it was before last month, then your first assignment is to read a poem.  Any poem. Just google poem, and you will have tons of choices. Here are some of my favourites:  The Road Not Taken by Robert […]

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40 Things to Do Before 40

Tweet  image credit   Today, I’m 30. I know it doesn’t change anything. I don’t feel any different than what I felt at 29. But still, it’s a new decade, and so it’s nice to make a big deal out of it.  As I love having lists and projects, I decided make a list of […]

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How to Get Your Inner Censor to Shut Up

Tweet This post is a result of an email from a reader. Nigel Burns mentioned in his email that he struggled to get his inner censor to shut up. I promised to write a post about it because this is an important topic. Nigel is not the only one, nor is he in the minority […]

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