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Journaling Exercise: Preparing for the New Year

Tweet  It’s fashionable to make a New Year’s resolution, and it’s just as fashionable to not keep them. Every year, around this time, people start proclaiming amazing things they are going to achieve in the new year. Quit smoking, quit a job they hate, be nicer to their spouse or family, write the book they […]

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How To Make Sure You Are Always on the Right Path in Life

Tweet  image by vainsang   At one point or another, we’ve all wondered, “Am I on the right path?” It’s a scary question, because the only time we ask this question is when we are NOT on the right path, or when we are falling over, and collecting bruises.  While there are no doubt some […]

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Journaling Exercise: Your Journaling Habit

Tweet  image by olivander   For today’s exercise, I want you to think about your journaling habit.  First, gather the facts: How often do you journal?  What do you usually write in it? Do you journal regularly? Second, write the results: Do you feel satisfied with your journaling habits? Are you getting the results you […]

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