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Are You Negatively Influencing Your Children (or the Younger Generation) With Your Attitude?

Tweet  image by williammarlow   I recently wrote a post on medium, Let the Caterpillar Die, and shared it on various social media. It created bit of a discussion in one of the groups. The post is about accepting life’s changes, letting go of the old so  you can embrace the new. The discussion included some […]

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My New Book & List of Winners

Tweet      On Kaizen Journaling’s second birthday I made an announcement about publishing an e-book. Well, folks, it’s available now on Amazon (worldwide) with its shiny new cover art.  :-) I also said that everyone whose entry I include in the book will receive a free  copy.  Here are the FOUR awesome winners: Rena […]

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Should You Follow Your Dreams or Your Heart?

Tweet  image by epsos   People often talk about following their hearts and following their dreams interchangeably. But, what if you have too many dreams? What if some of those dreams are incompatible? What if your dreams change as you grow and your life changes? Following dreams is a good thing, but what’s even better is […]

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Kaizen Journaling: Two Years On…

Tweet  image by d3bz   Kaizen Journaling is two today. On occasion like this, I always try to do something new. This time, it’s going to be a new book. I am currently working on a book, Journaling to Self-Awareness in 30 Days, which will be available as an e-book from Kaizen Journaling Academy, as […]

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The Present Moment = Life

Tweet  image by 55948751   Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha I happen to one of those people whose natural inclination is to focus far more on the future than the present. You might be the same. Or perhaps you tend […]

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Your Chance to be Included in My Book

Tweet  image by olivander   Kaizen Journaling will be 2 years-old on April 17th. I intend to publish an e-book on or around this time.  The E-Book will be Journaling to Self-Awareness in 30 Days, which will include and expand upon the November 2013’s Journaling Challenge. The e-book will be an easy way for people to […]

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Compete With Your Self

Tweet  image by notionscapital   We live in a very competitive society. It is particularly true if you live a big city life. Everything is a competition. In many places, parents have to compete to get their kids into a good play school. Then kids have to compete to get top marks in school. Thus, […]

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Journaling Exercise: Lessons Learned

Tweet  image by johnonolan   A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. – George Bernard Shaw   We’ve been conditioned to be afraid of mistakes. Ever since childhood, both in and out of school, we’ve been taught to avoid making mistakes so that […]

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Notebooks & A Journal from India

Tweet  It wouldn’t surprise any of  you regular readers to read that I love notebooks and journals. One could (well, “the normal people”) say I am obsessed by them. So it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that I didn’t return from my four months long trip to India without new notebooks and journal.  The great […]

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Striving for a Secure Life? Look No Further…

Tweet  image by mssarakelly   If you were brought up with standard values, or have lived for those values, you probably believe that security is important. It prevents us from falling too far when things go wrong. If you have a secure income, you are unlikely to end up bankrupt. If you have a secure marriage, […]

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