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5 Lessons I Learned Since the End of My Marriage

Tweet  image by Eric Magnuson Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you. – Roger Ebert   My husband and I decided to get a divorce over a year ago now, and have been separated since then. It’s not a secret, but I haven’t spoken about it here on Kaizen […]

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Take Control of Your Daily Happiness and Simple Pleasures

Tweet  image by 55948751 How much power do you give to other people over your happiness? How much power do you give to other people to determine how many simple pleasures in life you get to enjoy? If you are like most people, plenty of power – and you probably don’t even realise it. When you […]

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If You Think Other People’s Life Is Better Than Yours…

Tweet  image by neogabox   Everyone has problems. Look at Keira Knightly, who is gorgeous, rich, and successful at such a young age and yet has major self-confidence issues. Her problems are no less real to her than yours are to you. J. K. Rowling, successful now, but still has control issues. President Obama has […]

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5 Ways to Know You Are Spending Time With the Right People

Tweet  image by   The people you spend most of your  time with are the most important people in your life. Think about it. It may not be your family, or your best friend, or even people you like. Who do you spend most of your time with? These are the people whose thoughts […]

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1 Reason You Should Pause Before Judging People: You’ve No Clue

Tweet  image byandre5   When it comes to human interactions (yes online counts too, because we are still real people behind the keyboard), there is one thing you can be absolutely certain of: that you have no idea, or not a complete idea of what is going on in the other person’s life. It doesn’t […]

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Contest for All Kaizen Warriors

Tweet    You, Kaizen Warriors, are the reason why I’m constantly motivated to put in more time and effort into Kaizen Journaling. It’s an incentive, for me to continue improving myself, to keep learning and discovering more and more benefits of journaling. Contests are way for me to both encourage you to participate, and give […]

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Journaling Exercise: Do You Love Yourself?

Tweet  image by sea-turtle     Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. – Lucille Ball   You know we don’t do fluffy talk on Kaizen Journaling. So when I ask this question, do you love yourself, there are practical […]

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A Journal of Letters – 30 Days of Explosive Creativity

Tweet    Hello Kaizen Warriors,  My brand new book, A Journal of Letters: 30 Days of Explosive Creativity, is now available on Amazon. This book is one of my most beloved, and absolute labour of love. It builds on the “A Journal of Letters” course, previously offered through Kaizen Journaling.  Check it out here: A Journal […]

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