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6 Ways to Re-Kindle the Spark of Motivation

Tweet  image by sheepies   Do you feel a bit lost? Confused? Demotivated? Or my personal favourite….do you just feel a bit blah? Then, perhaps it’s time to re-kindle your inner spark.  We hear so many things about re-kindling the fire in romantic relationships. Well, your relationship with yourself, your dreams, and your goals need […]

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Win a Free Course: EPIC 2014

Tweet  image credit It’s difficult enough to set precise goals, and even harder to follow them. A lot of the times, what you need is just some support and encouragement, or a new way of thinking. At other times, you need someone to guide you and show  you way to get you started on your […]

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Journaling Exercise: Finding Many Uses for Your Journal

Tweet  image by blackbeltjones If you are a beginner journal keeper, I have done an in-depth article about what to write in your journal, which I recommend you read first. The purpose of this exercise is slightly different. Whether you are new at journaling or an old hand at it, this exercise is for you […]

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Tweet  It’s January 1st, the beginning of a New Year – the time when millions of resolutions are made. Every year people make resolutions. One of the most benefited institutions of these resolutions are gyms. Every January, gym memberships go up. People sign up for the whole year as they get excited about their new […]

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Journaling Exercise: Preparing for the New Year

Tweet  It’s fashionable to make a New Year’s resolution, and it’s just as fashionable to not keep them. Every year, around this time, people start proclaiming amazing things they are going to achieve in the new year. Quit smoking, quit a job they hate, be nicer to their spouse or family, write the book they […]

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November Journaling Challenge: Day 19

Tweet  image by alancleaver   Welcome to the Day 19 of November Journaling Challenge. If you missed out on the earlier post, read the information about this challenge.   DAY 19 PROMPT – Expertise What subjects or areas would you like to be an expert (or a relative expert) in? Why?  Do you know anything about […]

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November Journaling Challenge: Day 14

Tweet  image by livn2do   Welcome to the Day 14 of November Journaling Challenge. If you missed out on the earlier post, read the information about this challenge.   DAY 14 PROMPT – Bucket List One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals. – Michael Korda Do you know what you want […]

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How to Keep A Career Journal

Tweet  image by classblog   A career journal is a powerful tool, no matter where you are on the professional ladder. A student exploring her options, an established executive looking for a next step up, a 9 to 5 prisoner dreaming of an escape plan, a CEO, middle-manager going nowhere, an entrepreneur, a creative professional, […]

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Writing 500,000 Words Per Year

Tweet image by livn2do   On my birthday in May, I shared my 40 things to do before 40 list with you guys. It’s a challenging list, but that’s the whole point. A challenge is something that stretches you, where a possibility of failure exists. However, if you keep striving for it, even if you […]

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Why Make Time for Journaling When You Are Busy

Tweet  image by katiew   Sometimes, when I’m really busy, stuck with a never ending to-do list (okay, that’s all the time, but sometimes it’s genuinely a problem), journaling feels like a waste of time. Not the activity itself, but the act of stopping, to write things down, when I could be “productive” and ticking […]

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