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London to Brighton 2017, 100km (62.5 Miles) – Pushing Beyond Limits

Tweet    As some of you may be aware I recently completed London to Brighton 100km challenge. About 2200 people were participating in this challenge. 500 of them were running/jogging it. Some were doing it over 2 days, but I – like many others – was doing it in one go. 100km walk/hike from London […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Extra-Ordinariness

Tweet  image credit   Some of you may be aware, I spent the last two weeks in India on vacation. Two great weeks with my relatives and friends, and had an all around great time. But what I also noticed was that a lot of people there are just settling. It’s part of the culture. I […]

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How Conformity Relates To Self-Esteem

Tweet    image by qu1j0t3   We live in a society that encourages fitting in. Conformity is not only encouraged but insisted upon in most major institutions of life. This starts at childhood. Most people want to fit in school, and there are very few students, who come out of schools with a positive experience, […]

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If You Think Other People’s Life Is Better Than Yours…

Tweet  image by neogabox   Everyone has problems. Look at Keira Knightly, who is gorgeous, rich, and successful at such a young age and yet has major self-confidence issues. Her problems are no less real to her than yours are to you. J. K. Rowling, successful now, but still has control issues. President Obama has […]

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Self-Confidence 101: Embrace Your Expertise

Tweet  image by classblog   The way you react to the world, to the events and people in your life, to the new situations, has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. It has a lot to do with your inner confidence. Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. –          Samuel Johnson […]

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I Can Be Good At Whatever I Want to Do (And so can you)

Tweet   When I say to people in my life, “I can be good at whatever I want to do” some people laugh, others admire my cheek, and some think I’m an arrogant bitch. They miss the key word in that sentence. Read it again: I can be good at whatever I want to do. […]

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Volunteering Abroad: A Life Altering Decision

Tweet     In October 2012, my husband and I made what will quite possibly be a life altering decision. We decided to volunteer abroad. There were a whole host of reasons behind it, but one of them was that it was something we both wanted to do. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum […]

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Self-Confidence: What is it, and Where does it come from?

Tweet A few weeks ago, I asked you: Are you self-confident? Your answers were fascinating. It showed a spectrum of perceptions about confidence, how we define it, and how it affects us. Some of the comments showed some questions regarding what I wrote about self-confidence. That’s why I decided to write this post. This is […]

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Ask the Readers: Are you Self-Confident?

Tweet Our success and happiness depends very much on how we view ourselves. You could be the President of Universe, and still be miserable if you think you aren’t good enough. That’s why you often hear stories of super models and famous Hollywood actresses whom the world worships for their beauty, and yet they suffer […]

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