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How to Keep a Spiritual Journal

Tweet    Note: The content of this article applies to spiritual journaling across all religious/non-religious spiritual beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether you use the Bible, Kuran, Gita, Upanishads, any other scripture, a multitude of spiritual beliefs, or your own inner compass. I’m also using the terms religious/spiritual interchangeably here. Just over a week ago, my nan passed […]

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Ask the Readers: Do You Use Journaling for Spirituality/Religion?

Tweet  image by alicepopkorn   Journaling, as all the Kaizen Warriors know, is suitable for all areas of life. You can use it to explore different areas of your life, as well as to affirm your beliefs, or develop your progress. Spirituality, religion, faith – whatever it is that you call it, becomes important for […]

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