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Discover Your Why. Discover What Drives You.

Tweet Start with Why, that is the premise of Simon Sinek’s book of the same name. Start with your motivation, your purpose, and they will not lead you astray. When you first think about why you want to do something, the actions you take as a result of that, and how you do them, will […]

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3 Levels of Journaling (and Why Kaizen Journaling is not Just About Tips and Techniques)

Tweet If you’ve been following the blog and keeping an eye on the comments, you might have noticed an interesting discussion going on in this post. That discussion has led me to write this. I’m really pleased that it has, because it means digging deep into the value and purpose of this blog and sharing it […]

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Where is the “Journaling” in Kaizen Journaling? (And my FREE Birthday Gift to You)

Tweet   Recently, someone unsubscribed from this blog. Fortunately, they left a very helpful leaving comment, for which I am truly, genuinely grateful. I always appreciate it whenever anyone takes the time to leave a comment or email me. We are all extremely busy, and so when you spend that two minutes, I know it […]

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The Kaizen Journaling Manifesto

Tweet   The Kaizen Journaling Manifesto is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Feel free to share the work anywhere, but please link back here. These values are what this site is about. If they resonate with you, inspire you or intrigue you then we would love to consider you a regular reader. Just enter […]

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Welcome to Kaizen Journaling: How We Can Contribute to Your Success

Tweet   I believe that no one wants to settle for mediocre achievements. People end up leading average life because they fall into it by following conventional routes of education, career and relationships, and they never quite manage to break the cycle. My mission here is to advocate dreaming big dreams, and believing in possibilities. […]

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