Before this class, I’d never done any work with a muse. But thanks to one hell of a creative block and anxiety about getting started, I decided to take the plunge and enrol. The modules included some great journaling activities that I hadn’t done before (and I’m quite a long term journal writer), and I really enjoyed challenging myself.

– Kimberely Booth


My expectations were more than met. My biggest insight from this class was that I was able to get a lot of emotions out and on paper.  It really helped me to balance out my thoughts and as soon as I wrote them I was able to release a lot of “stuff” that I was holding on to.

– Tammy Turner


SJBI took this 2 week course, A Journal of Letters.  I signed up because the description for this course just clicked with something inside me.  Honestly, there were several courses being offered and I seriously considered them because they were longer courses – just cannot entirely let go of the old “bigger is better” thoughts – but in the end I decided on this course.  I have been writing and learning about me and why I am the way I am; why, when I thought I had gotten through and past the bad times, I kept making choices that made me end up where I didn’t want to be … again.  The letter course appealed to me from the perspective of digging deep into me.

This course and your input on my letters has given me the impetus to write letters this year to the people in my life that I SO appreciate.

I learned so much from this course.  I learned to write and think about topics and people I don’t normally see as having had an effect on my life.  I have widened my view of my life, the world around me and have added qualities for appreciation back has a primary element in my view of the people around me.  The busyness of life in this world tends to strip so much away from a person’s thoughts of others.

Thank you so much Dolly, for the course in letter writing.  I learned so much from it.

– Sarah Bennorth Bates


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