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5 Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal

Tweet  image credit I have written before on how to keep an effective travel journal. However, if you still need some convincing about the benefits of keeping a travel journal, then this article is for you. Whether you are a regular jet-setter, or travel once in a blue moon, a travel journal is an incredible […]

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7 Ways to Use Journaling for Creativity

Tweet  image credit   To journal is to tap into your subconscious. To journal is to connect with yourself. And when you are connecting with yourself, your creativity has maximum opportunity to surface and flourish. In this article, I want to look at how you can use journaling to swept away the cobwebbs off your […]

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Win A Free Course – Create A Christmas Journal

Tweet  image by Sabrina Campagna   Christmas is almost upon us. So for an advance gift, I’m going to give out a free copy of the Create A Christmas Journal course.  To find out what the course is all about, read the description here. If you want to create a valuable personal memento of your own […]

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Journaling Exercise: How Does Your Surrounding Impact You

Tweet  image by stuckincustoms     The nature vs. nurture debate is decades old, but it is obvious that our surroundings do have an impact on our life, and our minds. Think about coming home to a complete mess, with dirty dishes and dirty clothes everywhere, months worth of grime, rotten food, and cockroaches. How […]

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Journaling Exercise: Write A Review

Tweet  image by olivander   For today’s journaling exercise, let’s do something fun (probably). I want you to write a review of a book you just read, or a movie you just watched. You can also write a review for a play or a performance that you have seen recently. Write a review, as if you […]

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A Journal of Letters – 30 Days of Explosive Creativity

Tweet    Hello Kaizen Warriors,  My brand new book, A Journal of Letters: 30 Days of Explosive Creativity, is now available on Amazon. This book is one of my most beloved, and absolute labour of love. It builds on the “A Journal of Letters” course, previously offered through Kaizen Journaling.  Check it out here: A Journal […]

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5 Ways to Develop a Consistent Journaling Habit

Tweet  image by olivander   I get lots of emails from people with variations of below comments: I used to journal, but just got out of the habit. I want to start a journal, but I don’t have time to write every day. I want to journal, but I just can’t maintain the habit. Does any […]

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