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Writing Christmas Messages: Simple Words, Big Emotions

Tweet  image by puzzler4879   I was just writing a Christmas message for someone. As the thought formed in my head, before I could even write it down, it made me cry. They were not sad tears, or even happy tears. But simply tears of gratitude. The message is simple. One sentence. I don’t even know if the […]

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What to do When You Are in Unequal Relationships

Tweet  image by postaletrice   It happens. People in your life don’t necessarily value you to the same extent that you value them. For example, say Joe is really important to you, but you are less important to him. Or vice-versa. Perhaps Joe considers you an integral part of his life, whereas for you, he’s […]

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Ask the Readers: What Quality Do You Value the Most in Your Friends?

Tweet    Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. – Helen Keller   Friends are important. It doesn’t matter how lovely your family is, friends are still important. I’m not talking about just casual acquaintances who may accompany you for a trip to the bar, or a […]

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Journaling Exercise: How Good a Friend Are You?

Tweet  image by sandeepachetan   Recently, I wrote about the mysterious joys of friendship. Like most joys, particularly the ones related to other people, friendships require an effort. Let’s face it: everyone is busy. Things are a bit easier when you are young (though if you are young, you probably don’t think so) in school […]

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