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If you are an email subscriber, you would have already heard about the upcoming 365 Days of Journaling, an e-guide that will be available through the Kaizen Journaling Academy. I’d plans to release it in July, unfortunately, life got a bit chaotic so I had to postpone the release. 

Kaizen Journaling Academy has already offered several e-courses. But now, I wanted to create something that was available to you to work with at your own pace, and in your own time. 

365 Guide to Journaling is a collection of 365 prompts that will go beyond your average journaling prompts. You’ll be able to explore your inner world, your outer world, and everything in-between. You can revisit the prompts any time you want, and each time you go back, chances are you will get different insight.  

365 Guide to Journaling is suitable for both beginners and advanced journal keepers. If you are a beginner, it will give you an easy-to-use format, and a prompt for each day of the year. If you are an advanced journal keeper, it will give you fresh fodder for your journal. 

The official release will be next Thursday, on August 15. But before that, I would like to do a contest, as is our tradition here with release of new products. 

For a chance to win a Free Copy of 365 Days of Journaling, tell me in the comments below WHY you want to win a copy of 365 Days of Journaling. 

P.S. – All the beta testers did an amazing job giving their feedback. You will receive your free copy in a few days. 



26 thoughts on “365 Days of Journaling (WIN A FREE COPY)

  1. Winning a copy of 365 Days of Journaling would provide me with motivation to journal, as it would provide me with starting points. I would like to document my life, my feelings, opinions and dreams, but do not know where to start. To the point I am even beginning to think I do not have any dreams, apart from staying healthy to enjoy a long life.

  2. I’m going through some major life changes and believe that journaling will help me through the ruff spots. Could really use the prompts to keep me going.

  3. I would love to win a copy of 365 days of journaling. I have journaled for about 7 years now, and I believe that with each journal that I complete I grow as a person. My personal growth, goals, frustrations and etc, are all able to be tracked through my journaling and through rereading these I can mark progress and trends that overall help my become a better person. I hope that with these 365 prompts I can become and even better person and that my full potential will be released.

  4. I would love to win this book. I think I would be motivated to journal more frequently and to write more in depth . I expect the prompts to be as provoking as the topics on your website

  5. Dramatic changes in my life have caused me to cease journaling for almost a year. I need some new inspiration as I loved to journal.

  6. I would like to win this journal to record the first year with my grandsons. My son and his wife recently adopted two boys (brothers) from Poland. I have been writing in my regular journal about the thrill and experiences of these two wonderful boys becoming a part of our family. I have been looking for the perfect journal to write about the love I for my grandsons. I also would use it to write about the love and pride I have for my son and his wife.

  7. I have been trying to get started journalling for a month now and havent been able to. Im filled with so much to write about and it’s all just pent up and stuck in my chest and I want to learn about myself and how to handle life better but I just cant even take that first step I desperately want to take. I think having a programme will give me a daily goal and take all of the fear out of thinking that my thoughts arent worthy of going down on paper.

  8. I would love to win a copy so that I can deeply explore myself on the page. I love the concept of prompts and have found them so wonderful in the past. On days when stress is high, or I am at my lowest I find by simply picking a prompt or writing about something I may never have considered before really has both a therapudic affect and can be transformational. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone entering. May your Journaling experience be blessed, full and passionate.

  9. I would love to win a free copy – and then start to explore, write, paint, journal my inner life. I really want to commit myself to writing. This would be a good starting point – my promise. Cheers and good luck to everyone.

  10. If I won a copy of this “365 Days of Journaling” I believe it would help keep me focused on exploring my inner self.

  11. Hi Dolly, I would like to win because although I am an ‘old hand’ at journaling, and miss those days when I don’t get to write, your book is something that will take my journaling in new directions. Knowing your inspiring posts I am sure that this will encourage me to attempt new ideas & ways of writing which will help me go deeper into discovering my authentic self and living out my purpose.

    I have struggled for some time with a couple of topics that I frequently journal about but don’t resolve – so I am hoping your prompts will help me try a different approach and find a breakthrough.

  12. My life has changed quite dramatically over the last few years, It has caused health and financial difficulties, family rifts and also great loss. I am trying to process all of this but don’t know how to start or go on. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  13. I can’t seem to get going on a journal – bought all the stuff but I just can’t seem to get off the ground. I think this book would help me get over that “I just can’t seem to start” hump – Thanks!

  14. I would like to win since I didn’t get picked to be a beta tester and could use a daily kick in the pants!

  15. Hello, Dolly. I am interested in a copy of your new book because of your comment that it isn’t like ordinary journal prompts. I am confident I will not be disappointed given your response to a question I asked if you when I first signed up for your newsletter. I enjoy journaling because it brings together an opportunity to use a wonderful fountain pen, or crayons, or glue and paper, or paint. The process not only allows one to reflect, but to grow, to resolve, to remember.

  16. I’d like to win the 365 Days of Journaling because I never seem to keep up with my journal. This may be of help if I get to do one prompt per day. Thank you for your kindness.

  17. The “why” is simple, Dolly. I’m a word-shaper who wants to be a world-shaper. I love that your prompts will help me to explore my inner world through the words I write in my journal. But I don’t want it to end there. As I am changed my joy and passion is to share journaling with others and see their lives transformed as well. I don’t want it to stop with you or with me. I want to see a journaling revolution because I know what a difference it can make. Journal-writing touches hearts and transforms lives. It’s my passion to study journaling and to keep growing so that I can keep sharing. It seems to me that 365 additional soul-searching journaling prompts would do just that. thank you for such a generous offer and all the passion that is behind it.

  18. Winning the 365 days of Journal prompts would be wonderful to keep me motivated and also help me with a small group that I facilitate for my church. They are excited about journaling and I need to be able to help them delve into their journals more. This would help my ministry immensely.

  19. While I have journaled, shallow and deep, over the years, I feel the need to push for a daily delve, and this looks like the perfect opportunity and spark.

  20. Winning a copy of 365 Days of Journaling would help me because I just can’t seem to do it on my own. I need that kick in the tush to get me going.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  21. I would love to win a free copy because it would really help me stay more focused on working with my OWN thoughts and clearing issues that way :) I write as it is so this would just be a super great tool to have :)

  22. I would love to win your 365 Days of Journaling, because it will provide me with structure through prompts for each day. Since I am so right-brained, I need all the help I can get! I also like that I can reuse the prompts on other days and find part of my inner landscape that I have, perhaps, missed along the journey of life.

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