40 Things to Do Before 40



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Today, I’m 30. I know it doesn’t change anything. I don’t feel any different than what I felt at 29. But still, it’s a new decade, and so it’s nice to make a big deal out of it. 

As I love having lists and projects, I decided make a list of 40 things I want to do before I am 40. A mini bucket-list if you will. It also takes into account my life-long Polymath Project

How is this relevant to you? 

Well, I hope my list inspires you to crate your own mini bucket-list, to focus on the things that you want to accomplish, things that matter to you. No matter how old you are, time to focus on the things you want to do is NOW. 

Without further ado, here is my list of things I want do within the next decade. 

  1. Own a house in London
  2. Have a perfect library/study in my own home
  3. Go hiking – 19/09/2015 (Prague)
  4. See Mousetrap  (Play)
  5. Make a full time income on my own terms
  6. Reach my ideal weight
  7. Yoga/Pilates for 52 consecutive weeks
  8. Run 5K 
  9. Dress up at a costume party or a convention
  10. Fly first class
  11. Gratitude letter for Mom and Dad – 25/12/2014
  12. Be a published journaling author – 23/04/2013 [Journaling to Self-Awareness in 30 Days]
  13. Make x amount from one KJ workshop
  14. Run a paid in-person journaling workshop
  15. Learn how to salsa/ballroom/contemporary dance
  16. Learn martial arts
  17. Fluent in Italian
  18. Fluent in Spanish
  19. Read at least 100 books in languages other than English
  20. Get a Master’s degree
  21. Go to a writer’s retreat or create one of my own – August 2015 (Writer’s groups, London)
  22. Personal Goal 1
  23. Personal Goal 2
  24. Personal Goal 3
  25. Travel to at least 1 new place (international) a year – [2013: Ecuador, Fatehpur Sikri (India) / 2014: Dakor (India), Moved to London / 2015: Prague, Terezin, Kutna Hora, Lidice (Czech Republic)]
  26. Do 10 things / visit places in London I haven’t done/visited before – 2014
  27. Go on a cruise
  28. Spend a night in a desert
  29. Spend a month in India – November 2013 to April 2014
  30. Visit Harry Potter World, London
  31. Visit London Dungeons
  32. Write 7K per week (This goal was initially 10K per week, which I found completely unsustainable, so made it more realistic) 
  33. Be a traditionally published novelist
  34. Get an agent for fiction
  35. Be a published fantasy author
  36. Sell movie/tv rights of my book
  37. Have a short-story published (paid) in print 
  38. Be a traditionally published author of a non-fiction book
  39. Have a paper/essay/book published – on or about works of ACD
  40. Have KJ related item published in print magazine / newspaper

Yeah I know, quite a bit of this list includes travel, and most of the other stuff includes some kind of learning – both of which are important to me. That’s the whole point. Focus on the things that are important to you, so that when you look back, you see experiences, not regrets. 




14 thoughts on “40 Things to Do Before 40

  1. That’s quite a list Dolly. Oh Happy Birthday by the way. So what is on the cards for this year? What will be done before you are 31??

  2. I think this is an amazing list Dolly. One of the things that stood out to me is an income on my own terms. That is one of the biggest things I am learning about and dreaming into creation.

    Happy birthday,
    Many blessings.

  3. Hi Dolly,
    Listing is a great way to generate goals and also to commit to them. Writing makes them more official. =] And I love the way you have incorporated the visual–another way to underscore your goals. Congratulations upon arriving at your 3rd decade. Happy B/day!

  4. Happy Birthday!! And that is quite the list. Good luck on all of it.

  5. Thanks, Ciara.

    Well, I haven’t made a specific plan of everything yet – but my Spanish will definitely be at the advance level, and German should be at least Advanced Beginner.

    I also plan to have started my application for Masters.

    Make some progress with KRC challenge. At least 40-50 books.

    Knock a few books off the foreign language reading list as well.

    That’s enough to get started with :-)

  6. Yvonne,

    Thank you.

    That’s an excellent question, and I think one that deserves an entire blog post on its own, so I will write that up soon :-)

  7. Blair,

    Thank you. Income on our own terms is essential. Let’s face it: poverty is only romantic in the movies. You can’t be creative, if you are stressed about how to play bills. So I think it’s essential to make our way towards creating income sources that are also fulfilling our purpose.

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