5 Reasons Why Negative People Are Bad For Positive People



Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A ‘you can do it’ when things are tough.

– Richard M. DeVos

People who have a positive outlook on life have already won half the battle. Their glass is always half-full. They have a way of looking at life events, and looking at the good side of things, rather than the worst of it. They have a way of making the best of things, even setbacks. One of the things positive people do is to try and encourage negative people out of their negativity. They continuously tend to offer positive reinforcement. But constantly being surrounded by negative people can wear them down too. Here are some reasons why being constantly surrounded by negative people is bad for positive people:

  1. They don’t realise that positive people need positive reinforcement too. May be not to the same degree as negative people, but positive people still need the support. Their positivity is not an infinite source. It needs to be replenished, and the best way to do it is through being surrounded by positive atmosphere.
  2. Negative people drain energy. You spend so much of your time trying to make them feel better about themselves, and increase their self-esteem that it gets frustrating, particularly if all of their positivity boost is extrinsic.
  3. They find problems for all solutions. Their glass is always half empty, so instead of just drinking what they have, they keep waving it about, complaining how empty it is, and spill what they already have.
  4. They don’t inspire or encourage you to be your best. Deep down most of us want an easy life. Comfort is the enemy of progress, because if we are comfortable we don’t need to strive for anything. Negative people are too busy finding flaws with everything, to inspire themselves to be their best self, let alone pushing you.
  5. They are not the best this world has to offer. Yes, the world is full of shit, and full of legitimate issues. And of course we all complain, are unhappy or mopy from time to time. But wallowing in negativity changes nothing. It just wears down positive people too.

Therefore, if you are a negative person, remember to appreciate and value those who bring positivity into your life. If you are a positive person, make sure you are not letting negative people rob you off your positive energy.


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Negative People Are Bad For Positive People

  1. I agree with your points but ask you to consider revising your title by replacing “bad” with “challenging” or something like it.

    As you know, positive people tend to downplay the “bad” and consider what others call “problems” as “challenges” and “opportunities.”

    One challenge faced is finding other like-minded folks to call “friend” and rely on for the meaningful and uplifting boosts positive people hand out like candy. I notice negative people are extremely attracted to positive persons. Despite the sad habits of looking for miniscule flaws and any slightly possible potential room for failure, they rely on the positive-attitude-oriented friend or acquaintance regularly to lend an ear to the latest drama or set-back. It can get tedious, especially when they experience such negativity regularly.

    You are absolutely right that positive people need their batteries re-charged, too. I recommend at least regularly giving yourself time “off” from the constant flow of negativity thrown your way by such people. Strive to find a place you can connect with other positive thinkers. You might find a kindred spirit with whom you can enjoy a balanced reciprocity of positive energy providing both of you with all the excess joy necessary to continue jumping into the fray of helping broken people in this broken world forge a path toward repair, renewal, and re-acquaintance with happiness and living genuinely.

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