6 Ways to Re-Kindle the Spark of Motivation


image by sheepies


Do you feel a bit lost? Confused? Demotivated? Or my personal favourite….do you just feel a bit blah? Then, perhaps it’s time to re-kindle your inner spark. 

We hear so many things about re-kindling the fire in romantic relationships. Well, your relationship with yourself, your dreams, and your goals need a certain kind of fire too. That fire, like any other, needs to be maintained. If it dies down, it needs to be re-kindled.

Good news: it’s really not difficult to re-kindle that fire.

Bad (Realistic) news: you gotta do some work. 


6 Ways to Re-Kindle the Spark of Motivation

(1) Acknowledge Your Dreams and Wants

Write down the things you really want in life. These could be dreams you want to fulfil, goals you want to achieve, family you want to have, vacations you want to take, or stuff you want to own. Whatever it is you want, write it down. Go crazy. Don’t be self-conscious here. Really get under the skin of your dreams. 


(2) Pick the Most Important Thing

Now pick one thing from that list that you really, really, really want to have. At your deathbed, owning a Ferrari is unlikely to make you feel accomplished, but having achieved your dream of owning your business, writing a best-seller, having travelled the world, built an orphanage or raising a family might.

Yeah, you probably want everything. But that’s surface level. Usually, it’s not the things we want, but how they make us feel, or the validation they give us. You’ll also find that by having one thing, you will automatically have some of the other things that go with it. So don’t get bogged down in the details, or obsess about this. Just go with whatever desire most dominates your mind. 


(3) Flex Your Creative Muscles

Having picked that one thing, just let it rest. Spend a day, or better yet, a weekend, being creative. Paint. Draw. Write poems. Dance. Write random stories. It really doesn’t matter how bad you do any of this, the point is to let your muse have some play time. Just give your creativity a chance to flex its muscles. Let it get ready for a marathon. 

Creativity is not just about arts and crafts. Every successful person, from a person who runs the country, to the person who runs a home, needs creativity. So don’t underestimate its importance. 


(4) Scribble Your Why

Think about the one thing you want the most. And do a ten minute free writing exercise about why you want it.

Put a big header on the page: I want to be/have so-and-so because…

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Start writing.

Free writing means, writing fast and continuously. Do not stop to think, or to correct mistakes. Never mind repetitions. Just keep going.

Getting right at the core of why you want to achieve/have this one thing will show you why it matters. Often, it’s the lack of self-awareness that kills the motivation. Connecting with your motivation, is connection with your self.

Understand what drives you, what matters to you, and you are more likely to be unstoppable about getting it.


(5) Get Excited

Yes, it is something you can choose to do. You know what you want, and you know why you want it. So get revved up about it. Imagine what it would feel like when you have achieved it. Imagine, no, actually feel your satisfaction or sense of pride when you have this thing. 

See yourself in that future place, when your most important dream has become your reality. 

Isn’t that just so freaking cool? Doesn’t it feel awesome? 

Yeah, it does. Get excited, and keep that excitement.


(6) Take One Step

You know what you want. You know why you want it. You are excited about having it. Now only thing left to do is to take action. Do at least one thing, one smell step, that takes you towards achieving your ultimate dream.

One tiny step. That’s all it takes. 

Each day….one tiny step, and if you keep up the excitement, before long, you will find yourself, putting in more work and more time so that those tiny steps become giant leaps.