77 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Journal + Free Guide with 101 Journaling Prompts

Do you keep a journal? Have you ever wanted to? Maybe you do keep one, but it doesn’t really have a purpose. With this post, I aim to show you a wide range of things that you could use your journal for.

But before we get into that, I want to make something clear. Journaling is only a medium. It’s a method with which you can take control of your development, and of your life. But no development exercises are any good without application.

Journaling will give you clarity. It will give you answers. It will even show you the way. But once you have all of that, or better yet, while you are in the process of gaining that, you need to get off your behind, and DO THE WORK.

You need to apply everything you learn. You need to use it. Kaizen Journaling is not just about writing things down, and then forgetting about them. Kaizen Journaling is about living a Kaizen Life, and that comes from application.

I’m not going to just give you the reasons for why you should journal and leave you hanging at that. At the end of this post, you will also get a Free 8 pages long Guide with 101 Journaling Prompts that will keep you occupied, and let you experiment with many different reasons for using your journal.

Now that I’ve clarified that, let’s dive into all the reasons why you should keep a journal. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you think of more reasons, please share them in the comments.


  1. Discover your ambitions
  2. Plan your goals
  3. Find your strengths
  4. Find your weaknesses
  5. Prioritise your actions
  6. Create your Ideal Life Vision
  7. Measure your productivity
  8. Evaluate your progress
  9. See how your goals change over time
  10. Form your success support group
  11. Consider your skills and resources
  12. Leave your legacy
  13. Make a personalised gift
  14. Create a keepsake for your children
  15. Vent your frustrations
  16. Improve your writing
  17. Increase confidence
  18. Map your career
  19. Create a business plan
  20. Develop your writing voice
  21. Find your passions
  22. Follow your dreams
  23. Keep a character journal (for your fictional characters)
  24. Write fan fiction
  25. Visualise your future
  26. Dig deeper into your past
  27. Face your demons
  28. Free therapist
  29. Develop your character
  30. Improve your observation skills
  31. Discover your favourites
  32. Record your daily life
  33. Get insights on people in your life
  34. Improve your people watching skills
  35. Improve your hand-writing
  36. Make decisions
  37. Fuel your dreams
  38. Reading logs
  39. Improve critique skills
  40. Record your dreams
  41. Do tarot readings
  42. Take a spiritual journey
  43. Gain self-awareness
  44. Objectively learn what you like about yourself
  45. Objectively learn what you don’t like about yourself
  46. Self-education
  47. Action plan for personal development
  48. Implement new habits
  49. Track your diet
  50. Embrace who you are
  51. Discover your values
  52. Learn from your mentors and heroes
  53. Record the good things in your life
  54. Increase your positivity
  55. Follow your principles
  56. Create a memory book
  57. Make a family project
  58. Write letters
  59. Have conversations with people you wish you’d met
  60. Remember your childhood
  61. Imagine your future
  62. Record inspiring quotes
  63. Face your fears
  64. Search through your emotional history
  65. Write poems & songs
  66. Talk to your favourite characters
  67. Draw
  68. Collage
  69. Discover your most productive times
  70. Discover your self-defeting behaviours
  71. Gain clarity
  72. Discover thought patterns that have you trapped
  73. Go to your happy place
  74. Learn a language
  75. Be unashaemdly you
  76. Then strive to be the best version of you
  77. Live a Kaizen Life

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31 thoughts on “77 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Journal + Free Guide with 101 Journaling Prompts

  1. Oooh…. you’ve given me a good idea. I’m in the process of creating a mini-workbook as an attachment to a post, but I should require subscription. So evil :)

    “If you think of more reasons, please share them in the comments.”
    lol. that just makes me laugh.

  2. Hey, communities don’t build themselves you know! It takes all kinds of effort :-))

    LOL, I am sure there are many more reasons. No doubt I will think of some myself.

  3. Blaze,

    Thanks. Yes, it always comes down to doing the work. Sometimes, I do wish it was easier, but then we probably wouldn’t value the rewards.

  4. Well I’m glad I could make your day then! :) I really did journal for a bit, and it felt damn good. I’m facing a particularly stressful situation right now – perhaps journaling would be a good way to work through that too. Thanks for inspiring me to get back to the page, Dolly.

  5. i hope you don’t mind if i skipped the long sentences to get to the short sentences?;):D<3<3<3

  6. BTW, can you do a post about the numerous ways to set up a journal entry. I’ve always liked playing around with different schemes and setups, so I thought you should do one of journal entries. I’ve done my share of bulleted lists and random words, but do you know of or can you think of more?

    Please reply!:D

  7. Hi Dolly!

    Wow, these 77 reasons are certainly all good ones. If someone wants to argue with the importance of journaling, these points make a great argument!

    Now there is no excuse. We journal because it is really good for us!

    Also, thanks for sharing the Guide with 101 Journaling Prompts. Very generous!



  8. Jan,

    Yes there are a lot of different ways to journal. No problem, I will be happy to do a post about it, with greater details. Stay tuned :-) Wherever possible, I’ll post some example pictures too.

  9. I have had a handwritten journal for the last 3 weeks or so, and can’t believe how much I have written, I also have a feeling that I am less stressed as a result.

  10. Andrew,

    Yes it’s incredible how much difference a journal makes. I also find that it helps with stress, and actually getting your head clear too. Once you get writing, there is no stopping :-) So keep going.

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