A Lesson in Patience and Positivity



I’m a pretty positive person. Some of my nearest and dearest may say insanely so. But I’m also a human, and so there are times when certain things or events get me down. They don’t necessarily make me negative, but rather frustrated or impatient (which is certainly one of my flaws). Besides the rather interesting beginning of January, one such thing is my current leg injury.

It’s in the assessment period now, and it could be muscular or a stress fracture. But the point is, I can’t run at all, and even walking is painful. I’d signed up for my first half-marathon back in September – which is now in 6 weeks time. There is no way I can train for it, and be ready. I don’t even know if I will be able to walk it. I’ve another 20km walk booked for next week. I don’t know if I will be able to do that. 

I had fitness plans for January. I was enthusiastic and really motivated to start the New Year with all those plans. But because of this injury, I spent the week doing nothing. I didn’t even get 10,000 steps a day in because I’d to minimize walking. So this has been frustrating me to no end. I get annoyed. I’m impatient. It pisses me off that my body isn’t supporting me when my mind is so ready. 

So today, I decided to go to the gym. Not to do anything stupid – but I figured it was an important psychological step. I could just go, do some light workout, or just work on my upper body. I wasn’t super enthusiastic, mind you. I was still annoyed about my leg. But I went. 

After a slow warm up on elliptical machine which actually did start hurting my leg more (so I stopped), I worked just my upper body and abs with free weights and body weight exercises. The more I got into it, the happier I became. Then, the abs class started, and so I joined in. I’d already done some of those exercises, so at times it was difficult, especially going back into it after a long time away. But got through it. And the more I did, though my body felt it, the happier I felt. 

Because something clicked in. I realised that there was so much I needed to work on. Okay, I can’t do anything about my leg right now. But it doesn’t mean I can’t do anything. There are other areas of my body that need strengthening. The areas I often neglect because I’m focused on my goal of running or combat or something specific. It occurred to me then that this was a good time to learn patience, to be okay with what I could not do, and rather just enjoy and savour what I could do.

Upper body workouts and abs workouts are important, even essential to my overall fitness goals. Building that strength would also make me a better runner, potentially less prone to injuries. The point was, I wasn’t done with all of goals, and all of my areas of improvement. Yes, I couldn’t run. Yes, it’s annoying and frustrating that my leg hurts. But that’s part of life. Shit happens. You have to deal with it. Injuries happen. You need to take time out and look after yourself. Yes, I will lose money on the races, and I will lose my opportunity to participate. But there will be other races. There will be other things. There will be other goals. 

What I don’t want to do is miss this moment, this present, for something I cannot have. I would rather spend this moment on what I can enjoy. I would rather spend it on joy. 



Grab your journal and write about what is the one thing in your life where you can use some positivity or perspective change? Are you focusing on what you cannot have, and missing out on what you can have?





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  1. Am I the only one who smiled that under the word positive, you have little plastic faces looking sad? I do agree that we focus too much on the things we are missing instead of welcoming more of the things we have… keep doing what you do Dolly, thank you

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