Are You Following the Right Goals?


#12 - Goals


It’s mid-February, and 2013 is well under way. If you haven’t already done a review of your goals, then now is the time.

Regular reviews are an essential part of an effective goal-setting and goal-achieving process. Setting the right goals is important, but it’s of no us if you don’t implement them. Implementing goals requires staying on course by having regular reviews, to ensure that you continue to adapt to changing circumstances and make the best use of resources available to you.

One of the things the students learned in the EPIC 2013 course this January was to have period reviews of goals. It’s important because it’s incredibly easy to forget about goals or put them on the backburner when you are dealing with day-to-day demands or urgent things – but these are often things that don’t take you anywhere near your ultimate goals. It’s also important because your goals may change, or your circumstances may change.

For example, you may have set a goal in January to travel once every month, only to lose your job in February or get health issues which stop you from travelling. That means, you need to adjust or change your goals. Without a regular review, you may not do that for months, and therefore effectively waste that time instead of putting it to good use on a more achievable goal.

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What is your WHY behind this goal?

What motivates you to go after this goal? Why this, as opposed to something else? Why does this goal matter?

What is the end vision for this goal?

What would you have achieved if you successfully completed this goal? For example, the end vision for a weight loss goal may be fitter and more attractive body. The end vision for a career goal maybe a promotion and a pay rise. The end vision for a family goal maybe spending more quality time with your family.

Do you care about this goal? Really?

Do you really care for what you are striving for, or are you doing it because you think you “should” due to social pressures, other people’s expectations, or simply because you once wanted it and are too stubborn to give up? There is a difference between quitting because it’s the right thing to do, and quitting because you are too lazy/afraid to follow things through. Make sure you know that former is an informed choice, while the latter is for losers.

Is it achievable with the resources at your disposable?

Is it a realistic goal? If you have set a goal to go to Mars, but are not an astraunaut or haven’t got a lot of money to pay for a sponsered trip, your goal is not hardly realistic. It would be a tough thing even if you were a super rich astranaut, but at least then you could devote your money and life to the project. Do you have the resources you need to achieve this – time, money, fitness, skills? If you don’t have the resources, are you in a position to acquire them?

You don’t have to have everything from the beginning. If your goal is to work in Spain for a year, but you don’t speak Spanish, you can learn to speak it, and then fulfill your goal.

Think about resources you have. Then think about resources you need, and what you will need to acquire them. Once you are clear about that, you can decide whether or not your goal is realistic.


Set regular time aside to review your goals. Go through each of these four steps to ensure that you are always working on the goals that are right for you at any given time. Keep a goal journal.


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