Are You Surviving or Thriving?


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My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

– Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou passed away on May 28th, but people are not going to forget her. She left behind a trail of evidence of a life well-lived. She didn’t have it easy, but that didn’t stop her from thriving. She could have accepted the terms of life as it was given to her, as many people did. As many people still do. But she didn’t. She CHOSE to live, not merely to exist. She chose to thrive, not merely to survive.

What do you choose?

Are you existing or living?

Are you surviving or thriving?

Do you even know? Or are you merely bumbling along, barely making a conscious decision about your life, taking wherever chance leads you?

It’s not in your control what life, or other people, decide to throw your away. You can’t avoid all disappointments, heartbreaks and traumas. That’s just part of the package of being a human. But you can decide to make your life, and yourself, full of gusto.

You can choose to live with passion, do the things that make you feel alive, be with people who bring out the best in you. You can choose to be authentic, to not compromise your values even if they don’t fit in with the IKEA of humanity. You can choose to be positive, to not let the negativity drag you down. You can choose to make your mark, in however small way possible. You can choose to be yourself, and you can choose to continuously beat your best

My life, at the moment, is absolutely nothing like what I thought it would be like ten years ago. Not in any area. But that is not a reason to despair. Sometimes, things change, directions change, and what we have to look at are the positives. When you learn how to live consciously, to choose to be alive, you will have moments that are scary. You will have doubts. You will very much want the security that the “normal” world pretends to give you. But once you take that step, and close the door to the world-that-merely-exists behind you, you will never want to go back. 

To use this one life merely to exist is a waste. It’s a waste of golden opportunity given to you. What stops you from being all that you want to be, from doing everything you want to do, from realising your dreams? Only you. If you tried, if you gave it your all, perhaps you wont’ get everything you want, but you will have lived. Truly. You will have knowledge that you tried your best. And when you try your best, though the results may be unexpected, you never come out empty-handed. 

So choose today.

Every moment wasted, is a moment you will never regain.

Choose today, to live.

Choose today, to thrive.

Choose today, to live with passion, compassion, humour, and style. 




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