Ask the Reader: Do You Like Writing With Fountain Pens?


I love writing with fountain pens. The two favourite fountain pens I have are a Parker Frontier that my husband gave me as a present, and a Waterman pen that was a present from fellow colleagues when I worked at a Library during college. Both are good quality, solid pens. The ink just flows so smoothly that the act of writing is an absolute pleasure.

Unfortunately, I can’t use them for journaling because I generally use moleskines and the one flaw of moleskines is incompatibility with fountain pens. But I use fountain pens to scribble in my other notebooks, usually for writing drafts. 

There is something just so classy, “old-world” about using a fountain pen. It makes it easy to imagine oneself an artistic genius, scribbling away something that might be revered through the eyes of future critiques. 

How do you feel about fountain pens? Do you love them, hate them, or don’t care? 

If you do like them, which is your favourite? 


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20 thoughts on “Ask the Reader: Do You Like Writing With Fountain Pens?

  1. I’ve honestly never tried fountain pens, and I agree that Moleskines paper really bleeds easily. I don’t use them for that reason. I often write in artists sketchbooks w/ their creamy, vellum paper, which is acid-free. They are bound books, hold up well, and open relatively flatly for easy writing. Lately, though, I have purchased some pretty, expensive leather journals, and they are a pleasure in which to write. I use a Pilot Rolling Ball V pen, but perhaps could give the fountain a try. You’re tempting me, Dolly! =]

  2. I do like fountain pens, even though I’m a lefty. My favorite is a Lamy Safari, fairly inexpensive (around US$30) and it writes very well. I’m not using it right now, but I do like how they write when on the Clairefontaine paper I often use.

  3. I love fountain pens and have collected a few. I especially like Sheaffers. For example, I posted this earlier today:
    Woo Hoo! Just got my Sheaffers from Ms Tyree; One is a snorkel and the other is a vacuum fill. Or, as Sherrell says, “a Sheaffer Statesman and a Sheaffer Sovereign.” Fern told me that the Statesman was the type of pen used by John F. Kennedy. The Sovereign was manufactured in the 1940s. Sherrell states that it has a 14K Feathertouch style nib. I only know that it writes so very smooth. Your suggestion that a fountain pen helping one to imagine being a suave artistic writer type is spot on for me.

  4. I love journaling with a fountain pen. My favorite pen is a Monteverde Prima with a stub nib, it’s so smooth and works great in the Rhodia webnotebooks I use.

  5. I have never used a fountain pen. I used to use an erasable ink pen; now I write with gel pens.

  6. Reply: I love fountain pens. The best have the stone nib holders instead of plastic. Many of the pens I use are drawing pens you can get beautiful remember writing. Think of classic documents, like the Decoration of Independence. Sign like John Handcock.


  7. Fountain pens are the best. My favorite is Pelikan as i carry an m400 every day. My next go to pen is the Pilot vanishing point.

  8. Lynn,

    My response is OMG!! How can you have gone through life without trying fountain pens?

    You must. At least once. You don’t know what you are missing. Especially for the sketchbooks you mention, fountain pens will probably work great.

  9. Michael,

    I’m left-handed too, and I don’t have any issues with smudging. I think it depends on how you write, or keep your notebook etc.

    I just got a Cross pen as a present too, and I have to say it’s totally worth the money. Just the feel of it is amazing. So now, Cross and Waterman are my two favourites, followed by Parker Frontier (only because it’s slightly lighter than the other two, and the heaviness works for me in this case)

  10. Clayton,

    Thank you for sharing that entry :-) I didn’t know about JFK’s connection to Sheaffers, which I’ve never tried. Mainly because all the good fountain pens I have, I’ve received as presents. But perhaps one day.

  11. Vicki,

    I think I’m going to have to get hold of Rhodia notebooks at affordable prices somehow. It seems everyone says fountain pens work on them, and that’s what I want now. A notebook that functional and beautiful like moleskine, but one that works with fountain pens.

  12. Tim,

    I love Pilot for non-fountain pens, but haven’t tried Vanishing point. I must admit, I just stick to G2 most of the time.

  13. Funny you say that! The G2 is what turned me on to Pilot. They also have the Petit fountain pen, only a few bucks and small enough to carry everywhere with no worries.

  14. Yes, get a Rhodia notebook. I got mine on amazon (I have amazon prime so free 2 day shipping), and purchased my first (and only) moleskine at the same time. I’m a notebook and pen freak lol. I can never have too many notebooks, and I can never have too many pens. Rhodia paper is so nice and so smooth. Great for fountain pens. In my opinion, Rhodia makes moleskine look like a roll of tissue paper. I got the orange Rhodia notebook. The cover is soo soft too.

    I’m not a fountain pen connoisseur, but I got a pack of 5 disposable fountain pens from Pilot with multiple colors. I do like them. I do some journal writing and mixed media art journaling so they suit my needs well :-)

  15. Absolutely. I used to dislike fountain pens because they smudged all the time. Then I found out how to write left handed without smudging and haven’t had that problem ever since. That’s when I really started to like fountain pens.

  16. Any kind of paper made by Clairefontaine is good, in my opinion (they also own Rhodia). I get mine from a site called Writers Bloc, but there are lots of places to get it. The paper is really heavyweight, 80 or 90g, and the only problem is it takes a little longer for the ink to dry.

  17. Do fountain pen markings smudge on paper when tea or coffee is spilt on to it? I am doing a school project and i have to age the paper, and i cant help but use a fountain. The only way to make this happen is to put tea or coffee on the paper. PLEASE HELP!!!!):

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