Ask the Readers: Are you a Coffee Person or a Tea Person?

Today’s question is for two reasons. One, because I would love to get to know you, my readers, and what better question than to start with what would you like to drink? Nope. No beer!

Second reason, as always goes back to journaling, which I am going to explain at the end.

I love, love, love coffee. Seriously. I’ve such strong psychological feelings towards coffee that I associate a cup of coffee with relaxing, with happiness, with time to work, with time to read, and with a whole lot more. I like all kinds of coffee, fancy and instant, though Starbucks Cappuccino is my regular favourite at all times.

I used to drink tea when I was younger. I grew up drinking it. But since my Italian boss introduced me to coffee during a summer job in high school, I switched camps. Now tea actually makes me feel sick.

What about you? Are you a tea drinker or a coffee drinker? 


  1. Leave a comment (come on, even if you never leave one, do this one. Tea or coffee? It’s pretty easy)
  2. Journal about this. You saw my comment. Go back to your preference. How does your favourite drink make you feel? What do you associate it with? What emotions? What memories? Do you have a favourite brand? Do you have a favourite location? Who introduced you to your first cup of tea/coffee? How do you feel when you travel and can’t get your preferred brand?



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66 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: Are you a Coffee Person or a Tea Person?

  1. I’m a milk drinker. It’s that and water for me. Maybe beer if I’m socializing; that’s it.

    But my favorite drink is definitely starbucks caramel frap. I too associate it with happiness; but also with stomach cramps, diarrhea, anxiety, me attacking someone, and other beautiful things like that :)

  2. My heart goes out to you, Amit. I don’t know how I would survive if coffee produced these negative reactions.

    Another research for you – is there scientific reason behind why some people have these negative reaction to caffeine? Why do some people feel anxiety, others feel energy, and then there are some like me, who don’t actually get any strong impact.

  3. Coffee – but almost always decaf. I can drink caffeine by the boatloads in soda, but, somehow, the caffeine in coffee makes me very jittery.

  4. I’m with Amit – coffee makes me sad. :( Well, it makes my tastebuds happy, but my body sad. I still drink it sometimes, but only in very small doses. I do LOVE those fancy shmancy frozen coffee drinks from Caribou and such. Especially in the summer, mmmm mm…

    So anyway, I guess I like them both equally. I associate both with relaxing, dreaming, reading and writing. Though actually, I more strongly associate *hot* drinks with those things…A steaming mug of something always makes me wanna write. :)

  5. Coffee, hands down. I do enjoy a cuppa tea in the evening when it’s cold, but I love coffee. A roommate of mind in college introduced me to coffee with cream and sugar. I still like it that way.

    My husband got me hooked on GOOD coffee! We bought our beans and ground them. Then I got him hooked on roasting our own beans. Holy hell, it’s insidious! And delicious.

  6. Kaylee,

    That is a shame. But if you like the cool cold stuff, there are always caffeine free frappuccinos!

    Hot drinks = writing, yes, I can relate. Especially on cold or rainy days.

  7. Loran,

    Your coffee sounds delicious, but also like a lot of work, which I must admit I’m too lazy for.

    If I had lots of money, I would just get unlimited supply of Starbucks ready drinks!

  8. Ahhh, coffee. That seductive black elixir from hell. *sigh* I love coffee, but my body does not. Every once in awhile I forget and indulge in a cup, but I pay big time for it later.

    I’ve always been a big tea drinker, ever since I was little and took it with milk and sugar. These days there are so many different kinds of tea and flavours of tea that I don’t miss coffee at all. :-)

  9. Coffee, most definitely! And make mine iced, year-round! About 5 years ago, I started getting Iced Venti NonFat Caramel Macchiatos at Starbucks. An expensive habit! Then hubby and I got a Keurig – ahhhh, heaven! I make my own version of my favorite Starbucks drink – MUCH cheaper!! I get Mrs Richardsons Butterscotch Caramel Sauce (I only use about 1/2 T), but I’d rather have SB’s caramel, but it’s hard to find. Most SBs don’t carry it.

    I also LOVE iced tea with Splenda and plenty of lemon or True Lemon (in packets – it’s real crystallized lemon).

    Great question!

  10. neither… I never could stand the taste of coffee and tea is for when you are sick.

    I get my caffeine through injections

    okay… through soda :-)

  11. Tea, black in the morning (blueberry-black) and mango green all day long. (Teasourse)…and iced and outdoors when it’s hot.

  12. COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I’m sorry, I know that’s out of line, but I absolutely adore hot chocolate. I would love to go to France and have hot cocoa every day like they do!)

    Frankly, English tea just disgusts me. I like exotic flavors, but in the tea department, I have to go back to Indian chai(if you didn’t know, I’m Indian.)

    But obviously, I want coffee over tea. It pumps me up! And tea will sometimes slow me down(Don’t know how that works, though.)

  13. I like coffee a lot and a lot of coffee! I started enjoying Folger’s to waken up. But now I enjoy a medium roast bean from Costa Rica.
    I have never learned to enjoy tea as much as I enjoy coffee

  14. Carol,

    I would call it that seductive black elixir from heaven :-) It is so good, it is heavenly.

    I tried chamomile tea once when I was trying to cut down drinking coffee at night. It was fine, and I didn’t hate it. But it didn’t do anything for me, and I missed coffee, so I went back after a few days.

  15. Jan,

    Hot chocolate is allowed to enter all conversation.

    In fact, my other favourite drink is Mocha – coffee and chocolate together. Now that is heaven!

  16. I have no idea what oz measurements are any more, but favourite cups do matter. Somehow drinking coffee in favourite mugs, makes it all the more special.

  17. I’m another one for the minority tea camp. Though tea made outside of home is often quite right, and bad tea is so much worse than bad coffee. So I tend to drink tea at home and coffee when I’m out, except in proper greasy spoon cafes where they make tea in mugs for lorry drivers. That’s the best kind, next to tea at home :)

  18. Coffee for me, I love coffee!! If i’m at home it’s instant or if I’m not feeling lazy, my favourite Starbucks coffee using my Bodum French Press with froffy milk. When i’m feeling down, I always take myself off to Starbucks for a Latte (in winter) or a Frappucino (in summer) and a Cinnamon Swirl, this never fails to cheer me up. I am trying to cut down on coffee, was actually trying to cut it out so thanks for this post as it has made me realise that Coffee makes me happy, very happy and I need it in my life!! :)

  19. I love coffee!! I need coffee!! I have to start every morning with a hot , steaming cup or I can’t make it through the day. Later in the afternoon, when I get home from work and all the farm chores are done, tea is what I turn to. For some reason or another it helps me to slow down and relax (either a mint green tea or an Irish breakfast tea). Ok, now you have me craving a cup :)

    Take care

  20. Tea for me. (If coffee tasted like it smells, I’d be hooked, but it never does. This is particularly disappointing with regard to hazelnut coffee. Smells so good, tastes so bad. Ugh.)

    Recently I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea because the pod-machine coffee maker at work only has one kind of tea and I’m too lazy for bags right now. But I love rooibos and black tea. Iced sweet tea is my favorite thing ever for relaxing, and when I’m stressed a hot cup of tea is soothing.

    I feel left out sometimes because I’d rather go without caffeine than drink coffee if it is the only thing on offer.

  21. Hey Dolly,

    I am most definitely not a tea drinker, but I love coffee – just like you!

    Although I only drink one or two cups a day, this is a habit that I would like to change eventually, simply for health reasons. However, doing so will most likely cause me to suffer severe migraines, and I’m just not ready to go through these painful withdrawal effects, yet.

    Also, I love to drink pure water and soya milk (chocolate is my favorite flavor).

    Many blessings,

  22. Alison,

    I think there are plenty of bad habits or rather unhealthy habits that I could work on. Coffee is never going to be one of them. If it’s a vice – that’s a vice I am keeping ;)

  23. R. M.

    Maybe you are not trying the right hazelnut coffee. Have you ever tried hazelnut coffee in Starbucks? Delicious and very hazelnutty.

  24. Chantal,

    One or two cups a day? For me, that would be an incredibly healthy habit. Depending on where I am and what kind of coffee I have available, my numbers fluctuate a lot.

    The easier it is to have, the more I’m likely to drink :P

  25. I’ve only ever gotten close enough to a cup of coffee to taste it in high school – must have been stuffed up from allergies so I couldn’t smell as well (hated the taste though…yuck!). The smell of coffee makes me sick – so much so I can barely stand sitting at a table where there are several open mugs of it (obviously when people are drinking Starbucks or whatever, the lids cut the smell).

    Now that I’ve endeared myself to the majority… :-)

    I adore tea. I started drinking it to replace my daily soda habit (still gotta have that caffeine kick), and ended up becoming a tea reviewer. I love the smell, the flavors, I love trying different kinds and different methods of brewing from around the world, and I love teaware too. It’s for that very reason that I *never* order tea in a restaurant…it’s always some poor quality bagged crap that my husband drinks happily while he laughs at my snobbish refusal to join him. LOL

    When traveling, I take my own hot pot to boil water with in the hotel room (coffee pots don’t get hot enough, and once they’re used for coffee the taste never comes out which *ruins* tea), and my own loose-leaf tea and brewing set (I have a travel set just for that purpose). I’ll occasionally order a chai tea in a coffee shop if I find myself there, with the knowledge that the percentage of actual tea is so low it doesn’t really exist, and it’s mostly just sugar, milk & spices.

    Tea snob, that’s me. :-)

  26. Jamie,

    It’s not about the majority ….you are standing against the coffee cult! Taking hotpot to hotel rooms. Honestly! Though at least you have turned this obsession into tea reviews, which is excellent.

    Tea snob! Oh well, nobody is perfect :P

  27. For me it’s coffee to wake me up and get me through the work week, and it’s definitely my most regular tipple. It energizes and revitalizes me, and hot or over ice it just works.

    But there is something about brewing tea that is more spiritual for me, and comforting. If I want to curl up with a blanket and a book or if I have the company of a good friend then tea it is. And you’re totally right about the importance of the mug. I cannot and will not drink tea from a disposable cup, but for some reason coffee from a paper cup feels normal- I wonder why that is?

    Recently I’ve been trying to master the art of making chai…. which again is a totally different experience in a cup! If I’m feeling decadent I will make chai……it feels verygood for the soul and I think the real tea leaves give it a kick that wakes me up more than both of the above!

  28. Coffee! All kinds, but my favourite is americano with a drop of milk. I associate it with both getting started in a positive way and with relaxing. After 5 pm i drink decaf or it keeps me awake and occasionally I still like a classic Italian espresso, but the thing is, it’s to quick and I like my coffee to last a while, so a big americano is better. Oh, and the mug is essential. I have many and I have my favourites for the morning, for when I sit down to relax, to write… Yes, the right mug completes the experience. I also like tea and herbal teas, but not as much as coffee.

  29. Laura,

    It’s interesting how you view brewing tea as spiritual thing. It just goes to show how much depth there is behind what we generally assume are our simple preferences.

  30. Michela,

    Fortunately (or unfortunately) coffee doesn’t generally keep me awake. or maybe it does, and I don’t notice it because it’s all part of not going to bed on time thing, but I do drink coffee in the evenings too. I especially love a cup after dinner.

  31. Both! Right now I’m drinking tea in the mornings. Good Earth! During the winter it was coffee. Now I drink coffee only when I’m out at a restaurant.

  32. Coffee in the morning. I’m a morning person and coffee helps me feel like the day has begun.

    Tea in the afternoon or evening. It’s my “signal” that I can relax and let the day go to bed.

    I can’t drink tea in the morning – unless it is herbal – it upsets my stomach.

  33. Yup, coffee does make the day begin. Okay for me, coffee is also a signal for relaxation. :-)

    I do find it interesting how man people have negative reactions to tea/coffee at different times, or in different situations. We might have a whole scientific study here!

  34. I’m actually both a tea and coffee drinker now. It’s hard to choose which I love more.

    I’ve been a tea drinker all my. My mom is British so she had me drinking tea with cream ever since I can remember.

    I’ve only been an avid coffee drinker for about 3 years. My mom hates this fact.

    So coffee in the morning (you know, to get things going) and tea in the afternoon and night to relax.

  35. Amber,

    Your mom might be upset to know that Britain is heavily into coffee drinking now :-) Of course there are die-hard tea drinkers, but coffee is booming in Britain now.

  36. Hi Dolly,
    For me it is tea. I adore the smell of coffee but just don’t care for the taste.

    In the tea department, however, I love green tea (and it has lots of antioxidants & less caffeine. At the moment I am enjoying some gorgeous green tea with jasmine and pear in a beautiful little silk tea bag.

    Tea makes me feel pampered and special.

  37. Claire,

    I guess that’s why we are all different and that’s a good thing :-) Enjoy your teas!

    Speaking of pampering, I didn’t think about being pampered with coffee before. But yes, I suppose I do feel pampered when I have it ready. So like when I’m on holiday, and all I need to do is just sit in a cafe or hotel bar and have cups of cappuccino! That’s pampered. Not when I have to make it :P

  38. Hi Dolly,
    I just read your guest post on Steve’s, CYT’s blog and I wanted to come over and check out your site. I am a coffee person but I also drink tea just not as much.

    I like english tea and green tea. Coffee, cream and 1 sugar.

  39. I guess I’m a fence sitter – I enjoy both. I love my morning cup of coffee – but it does cause problems sometimes. And I find that one cup creeps up – and then I don’t feel so good anymore. It’s a bummer because I do love the taste (and I really love the energy rush) – but my body tells me what to do. So I periodically have to take breaks from coffee, during which times I drink lots more tea – green tea, black tea, herbal tea – I love it all.

  40. Sarah,

    I suppose there are advantages to being a fence sitter. That means you can enjoy lots of things :-) Unlike us biased people.

  41. I am a firm believer in all things coffee. I love the ritual in brewing, the love it wakes me up and keeps me going, and I love it hot or cold.

  42. The smell of coffee first thing in the morning is just devine – but any more than one decaf per week and I can’t sleep for a month.

    So, I’ll have to go with TEA – green jasmine, loose leaf TEA – I have become quite a connoisseur


  43. For me, tea.
    1) Ever since I learned coffee is a drug you get addicted to, I feel guilty drinking it to excess. Though the occasional Starbucks doesn’t hurt, does it?
    2) Traditionally, my family drinks tea because it’s a part of our society as we’re Chinese. There’s always tea handy, whether from the tea bag or the jars and jars of herbs and bark my grandmother keeps. :)
    3) It tastes clean to me. When I drink it, my mouth feels clean whereas if I’m drinking a Frappucino my mouth has the lingering taste in my mouth.
    4) Coffee’s so expensive. T.T

  44. I’m decaffeinated, but I’m definitely a tea person. Now and then, though, I like to enjoy a nice thick French vanilla coffee or Mocha Joe. I collect teabag tags and stuff from coffee bags to glue into my journal.

  45. Coffee please! I am definitely a coffee lover. I’ve tried tea, but have never acquired a taste for it. Starbucks is my favorite indulgence! A pricey habit, but worth every penny! We also have a Keurig at home. We can’t live without it. My 23 year old daughter has recently joined us in our coffee addiction. My sister gave her a Keurig for Christmas and she’s in love with hers too. It must run in the family!!

  46. Coffee. There was a time after grad school that i drank green tea as my hot drink. During that time I learned I prefer coffee. Part of it is the ritual of grinding the bea s and heating the water. However, sitting at the coffee house and enjoying a. Espresso while planning your day or writing is hard to beat.

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