Ask the Readers: Do You Use Journaling for Spirituality/Religion?



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Journaling, as all the Kaizen Warriors know, is suitable for all areas of life. You can use it to explore different areas of your life, as well as to affirm your beliefs, or develop your progress.

Spirituality, religion, faith – whatever it is that you call it, becomes important for most people at some point in their life. It’s right there at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy, when we seek more than just the fulfilment of ourselves as individual.

Whatever beliefs you were brought up with, at some point in your adult life, you need to consciously make a decision as to what you believe. You may choose to believe in the same religion as your ancestors, but at some point, for you to truly have faith, it must be your choice and not simply something that was taught to you. 

Do you use your journaling for this purpose? Do you write about your faith, your religion, or your spiritual beliefs? Whether it is to find out what they are, or about how they help you in your life. How does your journaling integrate with your spirituality?


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8 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: Do You Use Journaling for Spirituality/Religion?

  1. Spirituality is a perspective which allows one to live their lives according to the principles and ideals associated with that perspective. As such, any reflective writing would also reflect the chosen perspective. Religion however lends itself to the ideologies which others have incaucated inside of communities of people who share these same beliefs. To sum it up, journaling from a spiritual perspective is journaling in congruency with your way of life.

  2. I have several different journals dedicated to my faith. Sometimes though it creeps into my everyday all round journals and I find that no matter what is is the foundation of my writing for a lot of the time. My faith in life, love, career, passions and dreams and religion. It helps me navigate the spiritual aspect of my life that is at times overwhelming and someone’s near to non-existence. Journalling also allows me to bring it back and hone in on the now.

  3. Journaling, though inconsistent, has been part of my religion for several years now. Historically journaling was encouraged by Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits he led. It was part of John Wesley and his Methodists (of which I am one) as a way of recording where one practiced Christian faith. That is how I use “religion” journaling.

  4. Yes, absolutely. That’s how I started journaling… praying. I had had difficulty concentrating when I prayed aloud; but when I journaled my prayers, I could see what I was writing, and one thought, one prayer, triggered another and another. I am a Christian and call my journaled prayers my “love letters to God.” These are not ooey-gooey, sacchirine outpourings, but rather, heartfelt and often raw wrestling. I believe that God loves me and that He will accept anything that I say. The catharthic expression found in my journaled prayers rather emulates the pslams. I also love how I can go back and re-read my prayers; it’s like praying twice. And I can see God’s faithfulness in how He has answered those prayers.

  5. I have kept special Bible study and spirituality journals in the past. I am not currently doing so as I am having a crisis of faith. I am not Job, and I am having trouble accepting all the woes that have been piled onto me in the past seven years. I don’t remember breaking a mirror, but I hope my seven years of bad luck are over.

  6. Amelia,

    Don’t you think that it might actually be more beneficial to keep a journal when you have a crisis? When you are sure about your faith, you are journaling about your certainty or reflections, but it’s when you have doubts that journaling may help you understand and perhaps work through your doubts.

    Whether or not you regain your faith, you would have gone through a cycle of thinking and clear reflection so that you will know where you are.

  7. Dolly, I wonder have you also written a post on journaling to find love and a life partner? What kind of questions do you think one could ask in his/her journal to dig into this realm of life? When I start journaling about this subject I find myself writing negatively that I haven’t found anyone yet and time is passing by. How could I approach it positively and create some faith?

  8. Priya,

    This is something I certainly plan to explore on Kaizen Journaling. Keep reading the blog. I’ve been exploring this topic, so there will be a series of posts on it.

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