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It’s been a while since I did a “Ask the Readers” post, so it’s about time.

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about different kinds of motivation lately. Why is it that we are super motivated about certain things, but no at all motivated about others? Different motivations work for different people, and different motivations work in different things. Some people don’t need any motivation to go for a run. It’s their pleasure, their escape. Others need mega-motivational push to even put running shoes on. Some people read a book a week for pleasure. Others find reading a chore. You may find cleaning therapeutic, but getting on with your work may be really hard. The intricacies of how motivation works is fascinating.

I would like to do more on this, as I am convinced that figuring out motivational tricks can do wonders for any goals you are trying to achieve. 

What I would love to know from you: 

So today, I would like you tell me one thing where you find it really easy to be motivated, and one thing where you find it really difficult. If you know why that is, feel free to include that in your comments too.

I look forward to hearing your responses. 



One thought on “Ask the Readers – Tell me about Your Motivation / Demotivation

  1. I have aspergers so I see everything as a problem and I get a real kick out of solving problems.

    My motivations vary, can get obsessive about some things, some things I put to one side, to pick up again later where new knowledge brings new perspective.

    Have found creatives like me often have to try varied approaches to problem solving as the obvious solution may not work for us.

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