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We live in a very competitive society. It is particularly true if you live a big city life. Everything is a competition. In many places, parents have to compete to get their kids into a good play school. Then kids have to compete to get top marks in school. Thus, it begins and we are forever competing – for grades, for a job, for potential romantic partners, for money, for status, and god knows what else.

The problem with this is that there is never an end to this competition. There will always be someone who is better than you at something, cleverer than you, has a more attractive spouse, earns more money or lives in a bigger house.

It is also not a fair competition because each of us are different, unique individuals. My values are not precisely your values. My beliefs are not your beliefs. My past, my experiences, and my insights are not yours. If none of these are identical, how can we possibly compete at the same level?

Competing against others, especially when you are striving to make your life better, is a pointless exercise. It is far better to compete with yourself.

If you want to see tangible improvement in your life, in your self, then focus on what you do today and strive to do just a little bit better tomorrow.

When you compete with yourself, you are competing with the current version of yourself, so that the tomorrow version of you will be more evolved. As long as you keep striving to be the best you can be, you will remain on the right path. As long as you keep striving to break your own personal records, you will see tangible improvement in whatever you choose to do. 

This is the healthiest form of competition you can indulge in. Your success or failure is irrelevant when compared with others, because you are then viewing yourself against someone else’s measures. Their successes or failures can never be replicated exactly, because you are not that person. 

So don’t attempt to replicate them.

Focus on being authentic. Focus on improvement, but measured against an earlier version of you. Compete against your self. 

Remember, if you are not improving you are not stagnant, but rather declining. Stagnation is an illusion, which hides decay. 


Think about where you have been competing against others, and how you can change that to compete against your self. Journal: What steps will you  take, and what measures will you use to note your progress? 


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