Contest for All Kaizen Warriors




You, Kaizen Warriors, are the reason why I’m constantly motivated to put in more time and effort into Kaizen Journaling. It’s an incentive, for me to continue improving myself, to keep learning and discovering more and more benefits of journaling. Contests are way for me to both encourage you to participate, and give away free products as a Thank You. 


This contest is for everyone who has purchased one or more products – any product – from Kaizen Journaling.

Whether you purchased one of the courses, or one of the e-books, or 365 Guide to Journaling, you can participate.


– For Amazon Products – If you purchased one or both of my e-books, Journaling to Self-Awareness in 30 Days or A Journal of Letters: 30 Days of Explosive Creativity, through Amazon, then all you need to do is to leave a review on Amazon, and let me know that you have done so (either through Kaizen Journaling Facebook Page, Twitter, or by email) with the link of your review.

– For Direct Kaizen Journaling Products – If you purchased 365 Days of Journaling or any one of the courses from Kaizen Journaling Academy, then simply email me a review of the product to dolly [at] kaizenjournaling [dot] com

If you purchased more than one product, then you can review as many as you like. Each review earns you one entry into the contest.  


First Prize – You will get 3 of the current products for Free. You can choose from any of current products (e-books, courses, 365 Guides.) You will have 30 days to choose, so if I release any new products in that time, you can pick  those too.

Second Prize – You will get 2 of the current products for Free. The rest – same as above.

Third Prize – You will get 1 of the current products for Free. The rest – same as above. 


Submit your reviews – or send me links of your published reviews on Amazon by Sunday July 20th, 23:59 (GMT). 

Winners will be announced by the end of Friday July 25th.