Does Your Practical Life Take Over Your Creative Life?



Majority of us are forced to deal with practical matters of life – a day job, which has no room for creativity, family to look after, home to care for, errands to run, relationships and friendships to maintain.

You may have even more issues that seem to fill your days, and sometimes you barely know when one day ends and another begins.

Life feels like an endless parade of time that is outside your control.

At the end of the day when you sit down in front of the TV or drop on the bed, pursuing your creativity may be the last thing on your mind.

You put it off until tomorrow. Maybe the weekend. Until you go on holiday. Or until you retire.

Annie Dillard, a woman with extraordinary talent for words, said:

How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our life.

That means, this blurry succession of days where you are just busy but not exactly knowing what you are achieving from that busyness and unsatisfied, is how you are living your life.

It’s not a temporary thing. It’s your life.

By delaying or putting off tapping into your creativity, you are choosing to put off what may well make you feel more alive than anything you’ve done so far.

That doesn’t mean that you give up all your responsibilities, send the kids to foster care, and go off in a Himalayan valley to paint or write or dance. What that does mean is that you give your creativity the same importance as you give other things in your life.

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Regularly schedule time for creative pursuits. Take it seriously. It’s that simple. Someone said to me today, art is for people who don’t do real work. That’s the kind of response that makes me feel either despair at level of ignorance or makes me angry. I didn’t get into an argument except to say that if he thought so, he clearly hadn’t done any artistic work. Art demands more from us, because art comes from authenticity

You have to tap into who you are, and use that – your beliefs and values, your opinions, your fears and lay them bare to the world in what you create. The process could be fun and freeing, but only if you give it importance. 

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Your creativity captures the essence of who you are.

When you create something – anything – using a combination of your intelligence and passion, you make something that is uniquely yours and very personal.

Maybe it’s not the best piece of art ever created, but it’s the conduit through which you tap into what matters to you, into your passion, and your values.  

To neglect it is to neglect your self. 

Most of you – even those without any immense truama in their lives – have great many suppressed emotions and/or memories. You do that for different reasons, and how much depends on the personality. But your creative pursuits – whether it’s journaling, painting, dancing or anything else – it frees you.

There, you are not following any guideline. There, you are not doing what the boss told you to do. There, you are just picking up a pen or a brush or dancing shoes, and let the inner-self take over. You are taking the time to connect with your self. 

How could that not be a priority?

So make time for your creativity. Whether it is 10 minutes a day, or an hour every week, give it an important place in your schedule, and you will be giving importance to your inner-self – the one that may be not be visible all the time, but it is what makes you who you are, and has the power to turn you into who you want to be.


Set up regular time in your schedule for a creative pursuit. You can work on one project continuously, such as writing a book, or you can do something different each time, such as painting a picture, dancing, journaling, singing or anything else you can think of. Do whatever you like, and however you like it, but it must tap into your creativity and into your values and passion. It must fuel your fire.


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2 thoughts on “Does Your Practical Life Take Over Your Creative Life?

  1. Oh this is soooo true. I find ‘life’ gets in the way of my creativity. I’ve only recently (afters many years) made a point of letting my creative side back out. Being creative helps the business side of my business.

  2. Kathy,

    I understand exactly where you are coming from. Life does get in the way – when there are always so many “urgent” things to do. So acknowledging the importance of creativity, and ensuring time for it is important.

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