Ending A Journal

 Ending a journal is practically a ritual for me. For the most part, I like to reflect on the journey I’ve been on during the course of that journal.A part of my life resides between the pages of each journal, a part of my soul even.

Not all pages are full of insight or wisdom. Many include pointless chatter, rants, or endless lists of goals. But each of those pages contain a part of me.By the time I get to the end, in the last few pages I pick up things I’ve learned along the way, as well a the things I need to focus or reflect on.

Usually, I don’t need to return to old entries. My subconscious automatically picks up on things recorded between those particular dates. I end the journal with my impression of how I’ve done so far – usually a three months period, what things I’ve become stuck on and made little or no progress, what went well.

Now and again, I also end up writing a poem or copying suitable quotes that reflect a particular journal’s ending.Journaling is a form of art. It’s a creative process, and whenever you create something, you become attached to it.

Therefore, finishing a journal is much like finishing a creative project. There is a sense of accomplishment, but also little bit of sadness. But then, you move on to creating a next piece of art and it’s a same journey with new hopes, all over again.

What about you? How do you feel about ending journals?


Reflect in your journal about how you can set up a routine that would allow you to end your journals with some kind of review of what’s happened during the course of that journal.



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9 thoughts on “Ending A Journal

  1. Wonderful idea! I’ve created a tag and glued it onto a page a few from the end of my current journal to remind me to write a review.
    Thank you.

  2. How ironic to read this…I just ended a journal last night, and wrote, ” This, my friend. is the end of this book and the beginning of a new chapter in my life”. I never really thought about “closure”, but I do it every time! When I think about this process, I can’t help but relate it to leaving a close friend after visiting them, standing in the airport, saying our goodbyes, sharing affections, knowing that it will be for a short time, but that we will be back together at some point in our lives. The same with our journals. We have an opportunity to re-visit them, whenever we so choose…on to the next journey and the next close friend.

  3. Very interesting! I agree with you that finishing a journal is always something very special.

    Interestingly, I’m finishing one of the types of journals I use (I have defined different types for different contents and kinds of journalling) by defining important topics I have covered in them and counting the number of pages “devoted” to each, but so far I haven’t thought of converting that into a fully fledged signal. I’ll end another journal soon and I’ll definetly think about how I can end it “properly” and I’ll expand the practice to other kinds of journals as well.

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