FREE – Journaling for Personal Development Workshop on October 24th


Journaling for Personal Development Workshop

Kaizen Warriors hard at work, journaling!


It’s happening again, and for the last time this year: A FREE, Journaling for Personal Development workshop. It’s a full day (relatively) of journaling. You will be led through guided journaling. There will be a lot of writing, so hand-aches are a strong possibility. But you will also finish the day learning a lot more about yourself and your goals than you came in with.

You will challenge your preconception, perhaps even discover some things you don’t like about yourself. You may also learn new things. But most importantly, you will spend the day with like-minded people, who are also pursuing the same thing. That’s one of the most interesting yet gratifying things – to understand that no matter how different backgrounds you have, how different situations in life, journaling and pursuit of personal development makes people relate to each other.

So if you are in London, or in commutable distance, send me an email (dolly [at] kaizenjournaling [dot] com) to register for your place now.

Basic Details:

Date: October 24, 2015

Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Venue: Queen Mary University of London, Mile End, London

Email to Register: dolly [at] kaizenjournaling [dot] com

If you know people who may be interested, please feel free to share. Registration is required because numbers will be limited for an enhanced experience for everyone.