Happy New Year! And My 2014 in Review



image by wolf-t

I hope you are all coming out of 2014 with at least something positive. Take all the lessons last year taught, and step into the new year with hopes and positivity and ready to take action. If you need some guidance or help with your goals in 2015, then check out EPIC 2015 course.

Here’s my 2014 in Review:

It was a year of lots of beginnings for me, so not enough results, which always feels like one has been less productive! And it has been, because not nearly enough focus on fiction writing, but here it is:

  • Started the year in India, experienced my first loss as my grandmother passed away, spent quality time for the first time with relatives and friends in India since I left 16 years ago
  • Spent three months in US, and spent my birthday with both of my parents for the first time since 1994
  • Published two e-books for Kaizen Journaling
  • Moved to London (finally found the city where I feel at “home”)
  • Started my MA in English Literature
  • Lots of changes mean tests for existing relationships, and discovering where you stand with people. Some good, some bad
  • Started making some amazing new friends in London
  • Had my first short-story published for money!!
  • Started working as a Freelance Social Media Consultant
  • Started working as an English tutor
  • Became interested in football, and started supporting Everton
  • Joined the gym at University, and been actually using it (except for lousy December due to illness and Christmas)
  • Wrote 488,553 words (as of right now)
  • Finished reading 52 books

So that’s my 2014. Hoping for a way more result orientated 2015!