I Can Be Good At Whatever I Want to Do (And so can you)



When I say to people in my life, “I can be good at whatever I want to do” some people laugh, others admire my cheek, and some think I’m an arrogant bitch.

They miss the key word in that sentence.

Read it again:

I can be good at whatever I want to do.

WANT is the key. It’s not because I was born a genius, or have some amazing superpowers. What I have is the motivation and stubbornness to not give up.

That is why WANT matters.

If I really want to learn something, I work at it. I read. I research. I ask people. I learn about it in every way I can. I think about it. I obsess over it. I use a tried and tested technique. You might have hard of it. It’s called hard work.

That’s why I’m confident about excelling at what I want to do.

Does that mean I’m good at everything? Of course not. There are plenty of things that I know I “should” do, but in reality don’t want to do. Such as exercise. I struggle, constantly, to change my mind about it. But I’m not there yet. So I’m not amazing at it, because in my heart, I do it because I have to, not because I want to.

As my entire family will attest, I’m pretty lousy at most types of housework. Why? It’s certainly not that big deal to do something that billions of people manage to do just fine. I’m lousy at it, because I haven’t tried to be better at it. 

But, at the other end of the spectrum….there is learning Spanish. I’ve been teaching myself Spanish for last few months, but in UK I never spoke it. I hadn’t also got very far with self-study. Within 2 weeks in Ecuador, I’m managing just fine to get by with Spanish. I don’t speak it perfectly, but I’m not stuck for anything – whether it’s talking to the kids I volunteer with, shop in local markets, converse with people in the gym, or struck up conversations with locals on the street. 

It’s all about motivation. 

A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning.

– Pat Riley



What do you think you can be good at? What is stopping  you? 



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