If You Think Other People’s Life Is Better Than Yours…



image by neogabox


Everyone has problems. Look at Keira Knightly, who is gorgeous, rich, and successful at such a young age and yet has major self-confidence issues. Her problems are no less real to her than yours are to you. J. K. Rowling, successful now, but still has control issues.

President Obama has the power over a nation, but his actions are watched by the entire world, and if he screws up one tiny bit, the whole world proclaims him a failure. Imagine that. He is a human, just like you and me. We are allowed to fail, in the privacy of our homes, with no one, or at least only a few people being the wiser. He fails, and everyone knows, and it goes down in history.  

I use the above people as examples, because nearly everyone knows them. However, they are a mere representation. Everyone you know, no matter how seemingly successful, has their own problems that you know nothing about. Whether their problems are psychological or tangible, their problems are very real to them.

While  you are sitting there, envying the guy who gets paid five times more than you, he is probably envying you for being able to go home at five o’clock, and not have a care about what happens to the company until 9 am the next morning. 

While you are feeling jealous of the super hot, skinny super model, she is probably eyeing the Big Mac or the chocolate bar you are waffling down as you browse the internet. 

While you are aching to have a child, the woman attempting to manage two children probably desires, for a fleeting moment at least, the freedom of her pre-motherhood days. 

The point of all of the above examples is simple: we all want everything, and we all want what we don’t have.

Therefore, envying others is completely unproductive. When you envy someone, when you think someone else has a better life than you, you are only looking at what they have that you don’t have. You never get to see what they don’t have. 

Their life is not better than yours. It is different than yours. Because they are different than you. They were offered, and made different choices along the way. 

If you like something they have, think about what it is that you truly value. Dig deeper. Is it really their money that you value, or the freedom it brings? Is it really her gorgeous husband you want, or to feel wanted by the man in your life? Is it really the housewife lifestyle you want, or just more time to spend with your children?

Your opinions or judgements about other people are rarely about those people. They are usually a reflection of your own beliefs and attitude. So when you find yourself thinking that so-and-so has a better life than you, stop. Pause. Reflect. 

What is really missing from your life?

What are you really craving? Is it love, attention, freedom, companionship? 

What is it that you need, that you are attempting to seek through envying others? 

Focus on yourself. If you can’t find the answer, try journaling for self-awareness



Make a list of all the people you think have better life than you, and then write down why you think they have a better life. Once you have done that, focus on the issues behind the things you envy. 

What is it that you are currently lacking in your life? If you have it, how would that improve your life?