Journaling and Solipsism



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Solipsism is a theory, a philosophy that claims that only the self exists, or can be proved to be exist, and nothing outside the mind could be proved as real. 

The theory started off in Ancient Greece and since then has seen plenty of debate. However whether or not it’s true, the merits of the actual theory are not our concern at this point. Our concern is about the idea of journaling.

A lot of people, especially those who don’t keep a journal, consider it an egoistic self-indulgent. A place where you go to revel in YOU.

Journaling is not an activity to become more self-centred. It’s an activity to become more self-aware.

You see the world through your eyes. There is no denying that our individual opinions, our view of other people and the world in general, are coloured by our subjectivity. Being self-aware means being aware of how our personality colours our viewpoint. Being self-centred means thinking our viewpoint is the absolute fact. 

While journaling, you are focusing on YOU. You are focusing on how you think, what preoccupies you, what your goals and dreams are, and what’s happening in the world around you. But even as you do all of that, what you are actually doing, is writing about how the external factors – family and friends, your boss, your job, the weather, the tax man – are influencing your life. It’s not about denying reality outside of your mind, it’s about accepting its influence.

There is a saying: no man is an island. It doesn’t matter how much of an introvert or a loner you are, the fact is, there are other people constantly influencing  your life. In a similar manner, you are influencing their life. We are all interconnected – and I’m not even talking about any philosophical or spiritual connectedness here. I mean, we are all interconnected, in a very practical, tangible manner. If you want to see an example, look at something like Linked-In. It will tell you, how many people are in your network, and in your extended network, simply based on the people you know, then the people they know, and so on. 

Journaling is about being aware of these ripples of influence. 

When you journal, by focusing inward, by focusing on your self, you are not obsessing over the fact of your reality, you are instead focusing on understanding, accepting, and then hopefully improving your self. Every person, who focuses on their individual potential, contributes to the world’s potential. Because guess what – the world is made up of each one of us. 

There are the ripples again. Every action each one of us takes creates ripples that affect the world. So if you thought you have no impact in the world, think again. 


Think about the ripples you create, and write about how you are influencing the world. 





2 thoughts on “Journaling and Solipsism

  1. I am only starting to see how true this is. I love my journal for being a place of self-awareness. I have learnt so much about the world and how I can be an influence and how it influences me through experience, inspiration, perspective. So many areas. Love the post Dolly.

  2. Blair,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is amazing, how despite reaching our journals from different perspectives, we often get a similar insight.

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