Journaling Exercise: Figure Out Your Blah Factors



image by classblog


A part of being human is that you inevitably have downtimes. There are times when you feel blah, cranky, sad, or just moody for no reason. 

You can’t be happy 24/7. Humans aren’t wired that way. Our emotions – all of our emotions – need an outlet to some extent. The degrees to which you need to express various emotions would differ based on your personality, your natural inclinations, as well the discipline and control you have over your moods, but all healthy humans still experience a range of emotions. 

And here’s the interesting bit. 

Most of the time, when you think you are feeling down for no reason, there is a reason. 

If you are naturally a positive, happy person – as I am – then you may just ignore those few downtimes. You may just think they will pass, and when they do, you forget about them, until it happens next time. You accept it as a natural thing, to feel sad now and again. 

It is natural. But it is not without reason.

So when you feel that way, focus on that feeling. Get your journal out and start writing. Why are you down? What are you feeling? Keep digging. Free write, ask yourself questions, explore your feelings. 

Find the root cause. It may well be that it is something natural and not worth being concerned about. But it may also be that it is something you can fix, or something that if ignored could become a bigger problem. Do this exercise, and you will learn to be aware of your emotions, so that you know why you feel the things you feel.