Journaling Exercise: How Good a Friend Are You?



image by sandeepachetan


Recently, I wrote about the mysterious joys of friendship. Like most joys, particularly the ones related to other people, friendships require an effort.

Let’s face it: everyone is busy. Things are a bit easier when you are young (though if you are young, you probably don’t think so) in school or college, without any work or familial responsibilities. But once people have a spouse, and particularly children, friendships become harder to manage.

Some people even think it a luxury to have friend, and put their families first. As if spending time with friends makes them a bad spouse or a bad parent. Others simply keep putting the friends off, focusing on other priorities, thinking they will eventually get back to their friends.

The reality often is that while they are busy with what they consider important, their friendships slowly wither and die. There are some friendships that are like a cactus and can survive long periods with extremely limited nurturing. But these are rare. Most friendships require regular maintenance, whether it’s a quick phone call, or a coffee date, and most importantly sharing of life – both good and bad.

For today’s journaling exercise, consider how much effort you make to retain and maintain your friendships.

Do you think friendships are important, or something you can do without? How do your friendships contribute to your life?

What can you do to make these friendships stronger?