Journaling Exercise: I Remember…



Whether you are trying to write your memoires, or simply attempting to remember the past, this journaling exercise will help. This will also help if you are going through a process of self-discovery, because memories play an important role in that journey.

This is a simple but powerful exercise. For the maximum results, do it for at least 10 minutes at a time, non-stop. That means, you must not stop writing. Write as fast as you can for 10 minutes straight.

There are only a few rules: 

I Remember…

  1. Start each sentence with this phrase, “I remember…”
  2. Be as specific as you can. “I remember the smell of magnolias outside the house.” 
  3. Don’t worry about being chronological. If a memory of when you were five is followed by a memory of when you were thirty-five, that’s fine. Your mind will make its own associations. 
  4. Don’t force memories. Just keep writing “I remember…” even if you end up repeating your previous sentence. Go with the flow, and let your subconscious direct the pen. 


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6 thoughts on “Journaling Exercise: I Remember…

  1. I love this exercise, the memory flows directly into your hand and pen… An additional rule could be to begin your last sentence with “today”.

  2. Love it Dolly –

    Such a simple but effective tool to add to the toolkit. I will share this technique for sure with some of my “365’ers”.

    Have an amazing day.

  3. Livia,

    I’m glad you liked it. You are absolutely right. There are so many variations possible. That’s the beauty of these exercises that you can personalise them and amend them to suit you.

  4. Alan,

    Thank you. Simplicity is often the most powerful and hard to achieve. I’m just looking through your 365 Effect website right now.

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