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Today’s exercise is not for the lazy. It’s not for the people who are afraid to face their own thoughts and views. It’s not for people who are scared to spread their wings for the fear of falling. But if you are not afraid or lazy, if you are open to knowing yourself a little better, and closer to being your authentic self then do this exercise. 


It is invisible. It is intangible. But it is. 

What is faith? Faith is belief – in something or someone without needing any evidence or promises. 

You could have faith in God, in religion, or in nature. You could have faith in your spouse, in your parents, or in your children. You could faith in your friends. What does this faith tell you? Usually, when we have faith, we believe that wherever we’ve placed our faith, in whoever or whatever, wishes the best for us. 

But how do we come to this faith? Is this simply a matter of love, or it is a matter of previous evidence? Or perhaps the case of faithful until proven unfaithful?

What about divine faith? Is that a case of religious upbringing, or a result of personal experiences? 

It is the question of faith I want you pounder in your journal today. Who or what do you have  faith in? 

Do you have faith in God? In religion? How did you come about this faith? Does your faith waver?

Do you have faith in people? Which people? Why these people?

Have you lost faith in someone that you previously believed in? What happened? Does this weaken your faith in others? 

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6 thoughts on “Journaling Exercise: Question of Faith

  1. I attended church faithfully for years. Was even on the worship team for seven of them. Then another member started acting out being mean. He took out whatever his frustration was on my husband and myself. I believed and had faith in my pastor and his wife to remove him from the situation. They didn’t. We were treated like part of the problem which we weren’t. We left the church a few months later totally devastated by the lack of support. Church politics. I wavered from my faith because of people. Got my eyes off of Jesus. Became a bit bitter. This exercise has made me realize how much I miss God and living for him. Focusing on Him and not people. People fail us. God never does. I need to find a new church ASAP.

  2. Thank you for this great prompt!
    Before joining AA over 18 years ago, I was an atheist but believed in numerology. I found it fascinating that all my “identifying numbers” added up to 11. My birthdate, social security, work id, and first name. On June 8, 1995, I decided to try AA for one week never believing I could really stay off drugs and alcohol. When I realized the “random” day I chose was an 11, I was stunned! As sobriety dates are acknowledged in AA, I wanted to keep this date and stay sober. As a Higher Power is the basis for AA, I had a difficult time believing in one. After about six months I FINALLY realized I could never have accomplished this without help from one. Today I do have faith in a Higher Power and am very grateful for this.

  3. My faith is one of those important, spiritual parts of myself that is always constantly changing because as I am learning there are so many ways in which to view the world and people. Sometimes its grows stronger than ever in some areas and weaker then others and then the tables are turned. For me as long as I hold that white light, the love inside of me through everything that I have faith in. Faith that there is such strong love in this universe. From loving people to loving plants and the love and how together when we are all reaching that point of faith things thrive.

  4. Nice to see you here, Dawn. And Kellie, it’s so true that we can get hurt in the church–just like anywhere in life. And not every church is right for every person. But I pray that God will lead you to a place where you are loved, were others are not legalistic, and where you can flourish for God, using the gifts He’s given you to serve others. There is no perfect church, but certainly there can be some where the members are not living for Christ. I know He will lead you to where you can experience freedom in Christ.
    Lynn Morrissey

  5. Great questions, Dolly, and very deep. I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in God the Father. I believe that my faith is a gift from God, and I have done nothing to deserve it. So often my journals serve as a means of communicating with God in prayer, or in exploring questions (even my doubts and wrestlings). I’ve written a book about this journey called Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer. I write what I call love letters to God, in which I express my love. But these prayers are hardly just lovely sentiments. As I said, I often wrestle with Him on the page, expressing my doubts when my faith is not strong or my grief or disappoinments in life. I think when you love someone, you should be able to express anything to him. So I do this w/ God, and because He loves me, He welcomes all I say. The antithesis of faith is unbelief, and I think as human beings, we experience both.

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