Journaling Exercise: What Is Your Relationship With Your Body…Beyond the Surface


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For today’s exercise, I want you to think about your relationship with your body. 

Let’s start with the surface answer first: Do you hate your body, love your body, are indifferent, or neutral? 

Don’t give up if you have never thought about this. Keep exploring how you feel to arrive at your conclusion. Journal your thoughts about your body. You can write about its physical beauty (or lack of), how it makes you feel, how you think others perceive you because of it, things you would like to change about it etc. Based on your answers, how do you think you feel about your body? Were your answers mostly positive or negative? Were you answers emotional or factual? 

Remember, there is no wrong answer here. You need to honestly explore your feelings, and your fears. 

Once you have answered that, let’s go deeper. 

Do you value your body? Do you realise that it’s your vehicle for life? How much do you appreciate its usefulness? Do you accept that a healthy body allows you to do much more than just look or feel good? That it makes it easier to all the other things you want to do? I’m awed, constantly, by people with severe disabilities who overcome their physical limitations and achieve extra-ordinary thing. However, those of us who have been used to a relatively healthy body are not used to that type of adversity. A flu, a broken leg, back pain….common ailments messup our plans, and have us moaning and whining. And appreciating how useful the body is. 

Do you only appreciate your body’s important when it can’t do something…or do you remember it daily?

Do you look after your body? Do you give it proper TLC on a regular basis? If you don’t, why not? Do you not think that your body and you deserve that? If not, why not?

Keep digging deeper into this. Most of us don’t appreciate what important role our bodies play in the quality of our life. Now and again, it’s good to reevaluate this relationship. 



No more procrastination. Even if you hate looking at yourself in the mirror, do it…make your words your mirror, and really try to understand the relationship between your mind and your body. Create action steps to take care of your body on a regular basis.