Journaling Exercise: What Qualities Matter To You?



image by vblibrary


One of the best things about being human is that we are subjective. That makes us different. Unique even. We all value different qualities in people we like, whether we are aware of this or not. It’s not about people you love, but more about people you like. 

Think about the people you like to be around. People you admire. People you aspire to be like.

Which qualities are common amongst them?

If you were to make-your-own-friend with custom qualities, and could only have 3 qualities to pick, what would  you pick?

Be discerning in your choice. Really think about what qualities matter to you. However, don’t stop there. For everything that matters to us, there is a reason as to why it matters. Once you have the list of qualities you desire, write about the why

The final part of the exercise is to then write about the people in your life who have those qualities. If hardly anyone does, what can you do to attract people with those qualities in your life? 


Do this exercise in your journal.