Journaling Exercise: Write A Review



image by olivander


For today’s journaling exercise, let’s do something fun (probably). I want you to write a review of a book you just read, or a movie you just watched. You can also write a review for a play or a performance that you have seen recently.

Write a review, as if you were a professional (which doesn’t mean you have to be negative). Be specific enough that you will know in years to come, what book or movie you are talking about. Give you honest opinion. Comment on what worked for you, and what didn’t.

Some questions you can use:

Was the writing good? Or did you just like it for the characters?

Was the acting good? Were some of the actors better than others?

Did the casting work for you? 

Did you have strong emotional reactions – positive or negative – to this book/movie? 

If you want to see some samples, here are the recent reviews I wrote for some performances. 

Have fun!