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Today, I’m going to share with you some of my journaling product preferences. As I keep saying, journaling is a very personal thing. That means, the only right way is your way. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn or be inspired from other people. Journaling is a continuous process, and one can never be an absolute expert. Therefore, all the things I am sharing with you here are true for at least today.

My favourite journal

Moleskine large, hardback black cover, and plain, unlined pages. 

Other Journals

I’ve used a variety of journals, and I continue to experiment, though I do end up going through more and more moleskines. One of my other favourite brands is Paperblanks. They make gorgeous journals in different sizes. The main downside for me is that their lines are too wide, and I haven’t yet found an unlined Paperblank journal. 

I always get tempted by those old-fashioned leather bound journals, but usually the price puts me off. I’ve currently got a stock of a few special journals I’ve bought over time, so looking forward to using them. 

My favourite pen

If I am using moleskine, Pilot G-2. I have it in Black, Blue and Red. This is what I use to write majority of my entries with. Sometimes, for different colours, I use Sharpie’s fine point pens. 

I also really like using fountain pens, but they are not suitable for moleskines, so I use them when I use journals which have thicker pages. 

Glue dots

These are clear, acid-free glue dots that I use to paste memorabilia in my journals. It’s not messy or sticky, and are easy to carry when I go abroad. This is about the only thing I use to stick things into my journals. Not just for travel journals, but even during daily life – movie stubs, play tickets etc. make a much better memory and enhance visual. 

Decorating covers

Even though I prefer to buy plain black covers on moleskine, sometimes I like to decorate them. Usually, I use stickers. I’ve these two awesome journals with Dr. Who stickers. 

Journal I want to try

Rhodia. This is not that widely available in the UK, and when it is, it’s very expensive, even more than moleskine, which I usually get for a decent price on Amazon. I have my own personal criteria for what I am willing to pay for a journal (£10 or less for all my regular journals, unless there is something really special about that), and Rhodia hasn’t met that criteria so I haven’t tried it. When you feel as many journals as I do, even £10 per notebook can get expensive, so money matters. 


What journaling products do you use? Share in the comments. 





15 thoughts on “Journaling Products I Prefer

  1. Thanks, so much, Dolly. I really appreciate reading about journaling products. Personaly, I don’t prefer Moleskine, because I find that the pages bleed….but the point is to use what you like! I often buy blank 8 1/2 X 11 artist’s sketchbooks at back-to-school sales, when they are priced very reasonably. I like that the paper is creamy vellum, ink doesn’t bleed through, and they have acid-free paper and are bound. I use black so I can draw in them occasionally or glue in photos, memorabilia, or art-collage pieces. I used a Pilot V fine point pen (usually), and when traveling a Uniball that is designed especially not to leak on airplanes. Pilot pens will and can be very messy. They don’t always leak, but you don’t want that to happen. Lately, I’ve splurged with pretty journals with covers that symbolize something special to me. They are by Peter Pauper Press and have lovely covers and satin ribbons to keep your place. I also like journals by Ellie Claire. The paper is very creamy….but I wish she would make a larger journal. She often includes a book band (built in) to keep the journal closed, satin ribbsons, and a memorabilia pocket inside the back cover. SMASH journals are fabulous for collaging. Enjoy!

  2. I always have several journals going at once. For most of my writing, I prefer top-spiral bound 8 1/2 x 11 notebooks, but they are very difficult to find. Come on you other left-handers, let them know we can’t comfortably write with the binding on the left! I also have a tiny notebook that I carry in my purse. It’s from Journals Unlimited whose tag is “Write it Down” for their whole series of books. It’s full of wonderful quick descriptions or snatches of conversation–each one with date and place which helps bring back the scene. Several years ago my son gave me a beautiful handmade, velvet-bound journal with blank pages which I save for special occasions, the first being my first trip to Wales, my ancestral homeland. I had held onto the gift for a couple of years, waiting for a time to be right, and I knew that trip, including a writing conference, was. It has a lot of spiritual thoughts in it. As for pens, I prefer fat ones with my large hands, but don’t have a particular brand that I seek out. Lynn, thanks for the hint about using Uniballs on airplanes!

  3. I too am trying several brands of journals, but I need the lines. My sketching is ready for journaling and my writing won’t stay in a line straight enough to do without lined paper.
    I prefer fountain pens, but lacking one handy, I use a roller ball pen.
    Currently I am using Rhodia lined journal that measures 14.8 X 21 cm. It holds the fountain pen ink nicely, but the lines may be too wide for you, Dolly. Consider this; would it be nice if you had a leather “book cover” for your Moleskine that you could put each journal into that leather “book cover”?
    I like the idea of using glue dots. I have tried some other methods including double sided tape. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You’re welcome Lizabeth. And that you prefer fatter pens, means that Uniball will be perfect for you. But be sure to get the kind for the airplanes, b/c not all of theirs are this type. =]

  5. Hi Lynn,

    Pilot G2 does not bleed on moleskine, that’s why I like the combo. But I can totally see your concern. The moleskine pages are not the thickest. My preference is more due to their strong build, classic look, and good size.

  6. Thanks for the glue dot idea…sounds much better that a glue stick when traveling.
    I have tried many types of journals but always seem to come back to Hand.Book Journals. They have no lines and the paper is like none I’ve found…takes a light wash yet isn’t heavy, lots of pages too. And of course, now they have a watercolor journal. Now if I can just convince them to make a 6 by 6, we’d be living in a perfect world : )

  7. Spiral-bound 5 x 7-3/4 inch notebooks from Staples. 80-sheets per book with perforated pages, 25 lines per page. They come in three-packs of various colors (fewer than there used to be) and cost about $3 a pack. I’ve been using them for almost 10 years and filled almost 80 of them. I use a Waterman Philieas Medium, which writes smoothly with little show-through. Pencil is also OK, but ballpoint tends to curl the pages (not sure why). Rollerball and gel tend to bleed through. What I like best about the Staples notebooks is that they are cheap and I can be relaxed and not feel pressured to write something “for the ages” every time I open the book (though I have used and loved Moleskines as well for other purposes).

  8. Sam,

    Notebooks work great too. I just can’t abide spiral-bound, which is why I end up not liking many otherwise good notebooks. Might be something to do with being left-handed, but they do get in the way.

  9. Glue dots are way cleaner and actually they function better than glue stick in my opinion. There is no bunching up or lumps as you sometimes get with glue sticks, and of course there is no mess.

  10. Clayton,

    No, I am not really into covers, or changing them. So I wouldn’t have a separate cover for moleskine. In fact, one of the reasons I like moleskines is because of their standard black hardback cover which is understated, classy, and could be personalised if I choose to do so.

    Glue dots are the most efficient way of sticking things onto pages in my opinion. I started using them years ago, and don’t use anything else now.

  11. Oh tx so much for letting me know about the G2 Dolly!! Leuchturn also makes journals that are like Moleskine, but that I haven’t found to bleed w/ the pens I use. Do you ever art-journal? If so, what do you use in terms of paper wt?

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