Journaling to Discover and Defy Your Limits


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Do you ever stop to think about your limits? How often do you say, “I can’t do this,” or “I’m not smart enough for that”, or “I’m not fit enough for that,” or “I’m not disciplined enough for that” or other similar phrases? 

Do a 24 hour experiment. 

For one day, make a simple mark on a notebook, or your smartphone, or a post-it for every time a phrase such as above comes out of your mouth or even in your mind. Pay attention and be honest. Are you unconsciously setting limits for yourself? What makes you think you are not smart enough / fit enough / capable enough to do something? And if you aren’t, can’t you learn?

Last month I’d never run 5K. Yesterday, I ran 9k. Three years ago, I could have barely run for a bus. It wasn’t a miracle. I worked for this change. Three years ago, I would have said, “I can’t run”. Now I ask, why not? I’m fortunate enough to have two healthy, working legs. My body is relatively healthy. So why not? 

No reason, except for the limits I set for myself. Mostly mental limits.

This applies to anything and everything you want to do. If your mind believes you can do it, you probably can. It’s convincing your mind, truly deeply convincing yourself that’s the hard part. 

So as you journal, start paying attention to all your personal limits. Then start asking yourself, why am I limiting myself? Why can’t I do it? What’s stopping me?

Once you know that…then you can start defying those limits. 

If you choose not to do something, that’s fine. But don’t tell yourself you aren’t doing it, because you can’t. The more you limit yourself, the more limited you will become as a person. Break those boundaries, and become limitless.


Grab your journal and start a 24 hour experiment to find your personal limits.