Kaizen Journaling Interview (or get me in a rare audio)



Written word is my medium. I love it. I would rather put my thoughts down on paper than talk on the phone or in a video (which is why you are unlikely to get videos or audios as regular content here). 

But of course there are exceptions, and we must have a little flexibility. 

When Nathan Ohren of Write4Life asked to interview me for his JournalTalk Podcasts I didn’t hesitate at all, because I know JournalTalk Podcasts are very good. Nathan, as I found out, is a wonderful host and has a way of talking to you that it’s really just a conversation between two people who are interested in journaling.

So if you want  to listen to that podcast, simply click this link and it will take you to Nathan’s site. I’m sure he’ll appreciate some comment love too :-)



One thought on “Kaizen Journaling Interview (or get me in a rare audio)

  1. Thank you, Dolly. I enjoyed our conversation very much! Especially your ideas about how frequent journaling habits create something very special, as opposed to just journaling once-in-a-while! Talk to you soon, and thanks again for joining the podcast! -Nathan

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