365 Days of Journaling

365 days of journaling

365 Days of Journaling is your guide to journaling for the whole year. Whether you are a beginner or a practised journal-keeper, this guide will help you.

For Beginners: The 365 Days of Journaling Guide will give you one prompt for every day of the year, so you never again have to worry about what you should write. This is a good way to get into the habit of journaling. Every day, you just open up the next prompt, and start writing.

For Seasoned Journal Keepers: This guide will take you deeper than what you usually do in your journals. The prompts here are in keeping with the theme of what Kaizen Journaling is about. To focus on your individual potential. You will focus inside and out, on everything that effects or contributes to your life and your personal happiness, and a sense of contentment.

365 Days of Journaling is your guide to dig deeper. This is journaling for Kaizen Warriors.

It won’t always be easy, and it won’t always be comfortable, but it will give you plenty of insights about yourself, about your life, and about the world through your eyes.

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I have found that I am rather superficial in my journaling, unless I am responding to a prompt.

The first week of prompts made me examine in depth several foundational questions: my personal “why”, what I want out of life, what scares me, what I regret. These are topics that I never thought to explore; the answers surprised me. So did my long list of answers to prompt 72: “Write about your accomplishments”.

My monkey mind is never quiet. I have deceived myself into thinking I “spill it all” in my journal; your prompts are just bite-sized enough to tackle any subject and make an honest start, revealing how shallow my journals have been. I am stronger than I think, and my life experiences have made me so.

Your questions elicit answers that help me reconnect to forgotten parts of myself. My marriage has chipped away parts of who I am. I am finding many things I had forgotten that I love, thanks to your gentle nudges.

Not every prompt will work for everyone, but the spread of topics is broad enough that I am sure it is a book that will profit any Kaizen Journaler who wants help with digging deeper, guided in an unthreatening manner.

Again, thank you for sharing this book with me. I am using it, and will probably continue to do so, recycling farther in each time, for the rest of my life.

Best wishes,
Trece Wyman
New York, USA


Thank you, Dolly, for your insightful guidance and assistance in maintaining a daily journal practice. I enjoy “your voice” in the offerings. And it just goes to show, we all face similar challenges and curiosities in any country! I will be offering 365 Days of Journaling to my clients.

Thank you,
Karen Newcomb, MS
Marriage and Family Therapist
California, USA


I am a repeat consumer of Kaizen Journaling and their excellent journaling courses and materials. So I can tell you with much assurance that this book is a top notch journaling guide that provides quality journal prompts for an entire year! The prompts contained in this book are thoughtful and interesting. Dolly provides an outline if you are new to journaling which will help you to get started. Even if you are a long time journal devotee these prompts allow you to explore your own psyche in a new way each day providing new areas for your mind to explore and develop!

The prompts are varied from memory prompts to powerful and thought provoking images. They are dual sided so one day you may explore your feelings in one direction and the next you may be exploring the opposite. The 365 days allows you to explore yourself and your surroundings and think about or look at things you may not normally notice or give much time to. This course allows you to explore your journaling practice in ways you might never have thought of!

I am enjoying this course immensely and would highly recommend you give it a try whether you want to get in to a daily journaling rhythm or if you are looking for a way to explore new things in your journal. Another great course from Kaizen journaling.

Gina Harrison
Pennsylvania, USA


The 365 Guide is a one-year tour through your warrior’s heart and mind.  In keeping with Dolly’s Kaizen Journalingmotto, these question-prompts are not for the weak at heart.  They will indeed prompt an ambitious and audacious dose of self-reflection!  I’ve used them for over a month now, and already I can see a sharper, braver view of myself emerging.  I know that my answers to these questions will be different at this time next year!

Nathan Ohren
California, USA




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