Meet Your Muse

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Meet Your Muse is a quirky, fun course to get your creative juices flowing. It will teach you to look at your Muse in a personal way.

The course lasts for 15 days, during which, you will do a series of assignments that will introduce you to your personal Muse. By the time this course is finished, you and your Muse will be on the way to becoming best of friends.

This is for everyone who enjoys being creative – doesn’t matter which medium you use. This course is about embracing your creative self.

The course includes 15 modules, one for each day. They will be delivered to you in PDF format, daily by email. Each module will include your assignment for the day, as well as a combination of examples, tips and tricks, and different techniques and methods that you can experiment with.

Meet Your Muse includes permanent membership – so you sign up once and can join in whenever this course re-runs at no additional cost.

I run a private Facebook group for the class, so if you want, you can post your work there, get advice from me personally, or just interact with people who have taken the class in the past, or are taking it now. That group will be as effective, and as interactive as each of you make it by participating.

Meet Your Muse is all about creative freedom. Whatever your style – whether serious, quirky or downright whacky – here you will discover the muse that is your counterpart. 


Ready to sign up?

Click on the button below to make a payment through Paypal. Price is in British Pound, but Paypal will automatically convert it into your local currency. 

You will receive you first module within 48 hours of your payment, though most of the time, sooner.

If you don’t receive it, please email me at dolly[at]kaizenjournaling[dot]com. Please be aware, that in rare case, where I might be travelling, it may take longer. 

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to email me:  dolly [at] kaizenjournaling [dot] com




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