Looking Back Looking Forward Journaling Challenge


A new exciting project begins today. I’m co-sponsoring the Looking Back Looking Forward Journaling Challenge, brought to you by International Association of Journal Writing and Easy Journaling. 

This is a three part challenge. 

Part 1: Looking Back

In this part, you will receive a FREE 50 Minute Panel Discussion on Looking Back. This discussion will help you think about why you might want to look back through your journals, and things to keep in mind during this review. 

Part 2: 30-Day Journaling Challenge

Challenges, particularly the ones that focus on limited time, are great, because they allow you to prioritise. With this 30-day challenge, you can prioritise your journaling, and put the ideas in practice with daily prompts and mini-exercises. We will keep you motivated and enthused, so you will be pumped to keep writing day after day.

Part 3: Looking Forward

Here, you will have another panel discussion about Looking Forward. Your future is yours to design, and this panel discussion will give you some tips and techniques on how to go about doing this. 


You will be participating in a challenge with hundreds of other people, all around the world, as well as a number of journaling experts. This is an exciting way to start off 2015, so I hope you will come and join us. Click here to sign up to Looking Back Looking Forward Challenge.